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  1. Hello Michelle and Ron, Thanks for the positive messages. I will pass on the kitchen stuff to Sherry, I can't boil an egg properly ! Unfortunately all our waterways are shut down so no fishing, and no rugby to watch on television. I will have to watch repeats ! Being happy is something that comes naturally to me. Chatting with my Sherry, talking to my son and daughter and grand kids here and in Australia makes me happy. Have tons of friends to chat to, too. Continue to be patient Terry 😇 Best, Terry.
  2. Hello everyone. I do belong to other forums, but those are about bass fishing and tackle. Wanted to join here, to give my experience on the journey I am about to embark on, and to hear of the experiences of others, I am 67 years old, and have always been in great health. Was a smoker for nearly 40 years, and quit 11 years ago. Purely by accident, the doctors discovered I had a tumor in the lower right lobe. Had 2 biopsies, and a PET scan. Adenocarcinoma, NSCLC stage 4, metastasized into Cervical spine at C1, the ribs and sacrum. I have the rare gene, so am ALK positive. My oncologist, Professor Rapoport of the Rosebank Oncology Center in Johannesburg South Africa managed to have me approved by Novartis, for clinical trial of Ceritinib (Zykadia). The meds arrive in a couple of days here in Zimbabwe, as I am unable to travel to South Africa for the treatment. I'm expected to go down in around 6 weeks time for a further scan. I would like to hear from others who have been on Ceritinib, rather than chemo, as to what your experience has been like, and how long some of you may have been on it. Hope you are all staying home, and keeping safe. Best, Terry.
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