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  1. My digital camera, I think caputuring as many memorial moments in my life are more important now than ever.
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this, so I felt general was best place. Found out last week that my Dad has Prostate Cancer. I know it is not lung cancer, but asking my lung cancer family for many prayers. Waiting of first appointment with oncologist. As of right now the good news is that my dad is very good about going for yearly appointmens. Therefore cancer most likely has been caught very very early. Thank you for letting me post in our forum. Prayers to everyone as always.
  3. Hello my friend, I know I am late in wishing you a Happy Birthday, but I was sunning on the beaches of Maui. I hope you had a wonderful 28th Birthday.
  4. I will usually turn on some music and start reading a book.
  5. As this is a work day for me, and have nothing planned for tonight, I have nothing going on that is just for fun.
  6. Not only do I believe in them, I have had them. When my sister was pregnant with my oldest niece I was at the movies and turned to the person I was with and stated "my sister is going to have her baby tonight". Well the person I was with thought I was out of my mind as my sisters due date was a good 10 days away. When we got home there was a message on our answer machine that my sisters water broke, right about the time I told my friend she would have the baby that night. I think is scared the crap out of him.
  7. These are the stories that remind me of the goodness in people. The world needs a few more people like your boss. I hope you had a wonderful visit with your mom.
  8. Yesterday my good friend Pati, who I have worked with for 13 years, who I have sat next to for many of those years died 8 months after being diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC. Please keep Stan (Pati's Husband who also works with me) and the rest of Pati's family in your prayers. So much of the pain I felt when I lost Alan has resurfaced. I hate this disease
  9. This is easy for me. As I used to have persoanlized lic. plates which said "MASH" on them, and a full sized picture of Alan Alda in his army greens hanging in my dorm room. I have every season of MASH on DVD, the Complete book of MASH, and a MASH trivia game my answer is M*A*S*H
  10. The list is toooooo long to post!!!!
  11. 28 I was born on the 28th I think that is the reason why I think 28 is lucky.
  12. To Scuba dive, which I am currently learning how to do. I have completed my pool dives and classroom work, have my first ocean dives this week-end I will admit to being a bit nervous, but my instructor insures me everything will be just fine.
  13. Right now too many to count. I am having a tough time parting with some items because they have a connection to Alan. Every month though as I move forward I am able to part with more. The most precsious items will be carefully stored and looked at whenever I feel the need.
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