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  1. I sat her and wondered to myself if he just wasn't prepared with the emotional out burst of my husband?  Or maybe it's a part of his job he doesn't do well with? Either way I need a second opinion. I dont mind drive. I could drive there and back blindfolded. My mom had a liver transplant there, needless to say I was there a lot.

  2. So after the last meeting with my oncologist I think it's time for a second opinion, it wasn't just this last appointment. I had asked him about biomarker testing, his response was without hesitation No you dont need it! There have been other things along the way I've asked about.

    When he bluntly said 30% of a chance it will even work, my husband lost it he is a very emotional guy. The doctor got up and left the room, leaving the door open. Why not close it half way so my husband could pull himself together? 

    Anyways my sister in law  (an RN) was telling both her son and daughter in law about the diagnosis we left with. 

    The first thing my niece asked, did they do any biomarker on me? Sister told them what I told her. 

    Needless to say we will be going to the U of M for another opinion. Even if they come to the same if the doctors come to the same conclusion then it is what it is. I just know I'm not going down without a fight. 

  3. On 8/27/2020 at 6:16 PM, Sabacat said:

    That would be a real jolt! So sorry you had that news, but sounds like there are other options.  Have you considered another opinion? I know you said you liked and trusted your oncologist, but sometimes it’s a good idea to find out if there are ideas he/she hasn’t considered when things aren’t going as planned.  

    I know it’s hard, but try to focus on the positive - there’s at least a 30% chance a new drug WILL work, and there may well be something even better out there for you.  

    Sending positive energy your way!!

    30% is better than nothing. Our nephew and his wife a graduates of U of M medical school. The kids are arranging for me to see a doctor there for a second option. I'm just waiting to hear from the u of m.  

    I will not give up.

  4. That appointment didnt go as planned. I'm resistant to chemo. Doctor said I'm more than likely resistant to all chemo. He did say he will try different one but he only gives it a 30% chance of working. He then also said he would get me into a trial. 
    I'm pretty numb with this news.

  5. 1 hour ago, Tom Galli said:


    As a civil engineer, I found my attempts to practice medicine failed miserably. But I completely understand Scanziety, scans showing tumor growth, recurrences and the like. I know what you are feeling. I've been there. Here are a couple of suggestions moving forward.

    First, try and live in the day. When I was in my recurrence--chemo--recurrence cycle, trying to imagine a future did nothing but cause dark feelings. I learned to avoid that fear by looking for the expiration date stamped in my forehead in the mirror each morning. If there was no stamp, I enjoyed my day.

    Next, focus on you. As a mom and caregiver, you've already got a full plate. Find ways to scrape a bit off. Try to find space and time to relax and de-stress.

    Last, remember many of us have been where you are right now and many of us are still around. So there is always hope! if I can live, so can you. Hold that fact in your mind as you contemplate consultations and treatment.

    Stay the course.


    Thank you. I will take your advice. I have to do something or I'll drive myself insane. 

  6. He did tell us at our 1st meeting that if plan A doesn't work out we always have a plan B. 

    I sure hope so.

    I'm scared for my family. My 85 year old father lives with us and I worry mostly about what this is doing to him and his health. 

    I need to stop looking at these scan reports before seeing him. 

  7. I see him this Thursday. I dont know how within maybe 3 week we get to this point. My last ct showed just a slight increase. And I still felt pretty darn good. My oncologist said it was more than likely inflammation.,To this? Doc has put me on prednisone for now. Gosh,I feel like I should go pay for my cremation expenses. 

  8. This was taken after my 1st keytruda infusion. I had my first 4 chemo treatments with keytruda. There was a small (tiny) increase in the ct scan after my 4 chemo treatments. This scan I just posted was 30 days afterwards.

    I'll find out what the plan is this Thursday. 

    Doc did put me on prednisone for inflammation.

    To be honest I'm pretty scared.

  9. This is my latest ct scan, it was

    Just taken the 19th of August. My last one was just 30 days before and didn't look anything like this. Just looking for an opinion.



    Ct scan 

     Lung cancer.

    COMPARISON: 07/14/2020, 04/01/2018 PET/CT.

    TECHNIQUE: Axial CT images of the neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis are obtained after the administration of intravenous contrast. Mediastinal and lung windows were generated. Axial thick slab lung windows, sagittal and coronal MPR images were reconstructed as well. Iterative reconstruction technique and automated exposure control were used for radiation dose reduction.


    CT NECK: The prevertebral and parapharyngeal tissues are intact and unremarkable. The parapharyngeal fat is preserved. The carotid space appears normal. There is no mass or adenopathy within the neck. The salivary glands appear unremarkable. The vallecula and piriform sinuses appear normal.

    There are advanced degenerative changes of the lower cervical disc spaces. There is some prominent calcification of the dura on the right in the lower cervical spine.

    CT CHEST: There has been marked worsening in the appearance of the chest. The mass in the right lung has increased to just under 6 cm. There has been further worsening of the extensive pleural nodularity and thickening. Greater involvement of the surface of the right hemidiaphragm inferiorly is noted. Subcarinal adenopathy has increased to 3.4 cm. There does not appear to be any direct involvement of the spinal canal or vertebral bodies.

    Interstitial thickening throughout the right lung is noted consistent with lymphangitic tumor spread.

    The left lung is clear.

    CT ABDOMEN AND PELVIS: Within the right abdominal wall within the intercostal spaces adjacent to the liver there is some extension of soft tissue nodularity into the soft tissues. No new liver lesions are seen. The enhancing right lobe liver lesion is still nonspecific but is probably a hemangioma. The kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, and spleen appear unremarkable. Loops of bowel are unremarkable. The uterus and bladder appear normal. There is no intra-abdominal or intrapelvic new mass or adenopathy.

    Bony structures are unremarkable.
    I'll see if I can find the last scan before this one.


  10. Good morning

    I wondering if any of you have used a tens unit? My husband has been trying to loosen up some really tight muscles. I have in my shoulder. 

    I've heard that I shouldn't use one because of my cancer. 

    I intend on using it but at a lower (setting) range and only for a few minutes


  11. PDL1, I see where some have a higher % than others. Does that make a difference on how well immunotherapy will work for someone with a higher % vs someone with a lower %?

  12. I was on Carbo, Altima and Keytruda. I had a total of 4 treatments every 21days. Now I'll be on keytruda every 21days and after 4 treatments I'll have another scan. Hopefully it hasn't continued to slightly increased, sigh. It's so hard to stay positive at times. 

  13. Had a scan the other day. Results at my doctor appt yesterday. 

    Well there is a very small increase in the tumors. I also had my last of 4 chemo treatments yesterday. 

    Doctor thinks the tumors are due to inflammation/swelling because of the small increase in size. 

    So the plan now is to have 3 treatments of keytruda alone and rescan after treatment #3.

    I have to remain positive even if it is hard to do when you have stage IV and pdl1.

    I have my faith and a doctor that I trust. Plus, he is alway seems on top of everything cancer.



  14. Thank you so much for your responce.  I know I have more than the will to fight this.  I have my husband and my 85 yr old father (lives with us) I have to take care of. Lord only knows what this place would look like if I weren't here.

    Cry? I wish I could. Only time I've ever come close to it was my first day of chemo. 

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