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  1. I have a 9mm primary on my right lung apex, a 1.5 cm supraclavicular lymph node on my left side adjacent to the brachial plexus, and a 1.8 cm left subpectoral node also on the left. No brain or met to any other site. So, why, I wonder, wouldn't they have zapped the three sites in the beginning of this nightmare and saved me the immunotherapy? PS they removed an enlarged axial node on the left side to do the biopsy before they started the immunotherapy last May.
  2. Thank you so much Tom. That really helps to relieve some anxiety I have been feeling lately. I am scheduled for a serial CT scan in three weeks to see if the Keytruda is still working. I think I will wait before telling my Oncologist that I want to take her up on that suggestion. I am to meet with her again a couple days after the scan and on the day of my next scheduled infusion.
  3. Does anyone know anything about radiating a supraclavicular lymph node to reduce it? My Oncologist mentioned refering me to a radiologist to see about radiating it. It has been putting pressure on a nerve in my brachail plexus nerve bundle. I am worried about it damaging something like my lung or the nerve. Will it make me sick? Thanks for any information anyone may have.
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