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    Flue shot

    thanks Tom I tried to "like" it but I am outa ammo for the day lol
  2. jack14

    Flue shot

    I asked my Oncology PA about my taking this years flu vaccine, the pneumo23 vaccine, and the shingles vac. Yes, to all but shingles. She also said they only give the standard flu vac because they don't believe there is any benefit in the larger dose for their patients. I told her I would wait till next month and she said that is when they would have given it to me anyway. I plan on getting it at my PCP's as I usually do.
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    Thanks Gary I hope you are doing well too?
  4. jack14


    How are you doing May?
  5. jack14


    Just had my seventh infusion today, and she will order one after my eigth next month. The lymph nodes aren't palpable anymore. That's a good sign I think.
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