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  1. Welcome aboard Susan. I can't think of anything beneficial to add. These folks are angels and they have provided comfort to me, we are definitely stronger together.Like you, I was anxious about waiting for the tests to come in so that a plan of treatment could be planned. Hang in there, Duke is superb.


  2. Thank you Michelle! I am rooting for all of you too.

    And thanks Gary. Those are some truly interesting facts. I had heard about the sharing and integration of information and believe that will help us to see an end the death and suffering. I only hope that we see a breakthrough in regards to perfecting that "personailzed medicine" much sooner than later.


  3. Imagine if someone was to discover that it was the folks who had been drinking chlorinated municipal water that failed to respond to immunotherapy. Or, who took medications for GERD, or maybe it's the mouthwash, toothpaste? How many lives would have been saved...pain and suffering alleviated.

    Here is an interesting article I found that might relate this to gut bacteria. https://www.cancerresearch.org/blog/june-2020/microbiome-cancer-on-a-chip-hyun-jung-kim?utm_source=luminate&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cancerimmunews&utm_content=aug2020

    And there is also a chance that there may be more than one thing that effects ones response to immunotherapy.....


  4. Thank you everyone!  I wonder if anyone is doing any studies (subjective based) to try and determine why some people respond to Keytruda while others don't? For instance, I had a 20% PDL expression and some who have had more didn't respond to treatment, and others as low as one percent have. Anyway, I havn't been asked anything by any of my providers in regards to things that I may or may not be doing that could explain it.... just wondering. Diet, exercise, sleep quality, stress levels, etc. could be a factor.

  5. I know that feeling quite well Deb. I've had it more than once in fact, and each time, things have worked out. Hang in there and know that you are in a place where many have tread through and many more will follow. This site is full of the latest cutting edge information, and the research is moving at an impressive rate. Keep the faith and we are here for you.


  6. Well, I saw my Onc today and got the results of yesterdays CT scan. She had told me last week that she was not very optimistic that the Keytruda was working for me. She based that on the one lymph node that she can palpate which didn't feel as though it had shrank any, but had maybe even grown some.

    She added that we would probably be switching to chemo therapy a day or so after the scan.

    I had my first taste of "scanziety" and I sure didn't like it.

    So, I get my blood drawn for my tri-weekly labs and vitals taken. And she walks in the room and, we are both wearing masks so I can't see her expression. Her eyes seemed to shine though and I was hopeful.

    She sits down in front of me and says, "I have some good news", and tells me that the scan showed moderate but definite tumor regression in the primary lung nodule and in the two lymph nodes. So, we will continue with the Keytruda regimen.

    whew.....thank you God. Please project this blesswing to my cancer brothers and sisters as well.


  7. I have developed chronic pain in my left upper extremity and my right hand. Keytruda and maybe pressure on the left brachial plexus bundle. Ughh Any worse and I am not sure I could stay the course to be honest. Not if there was no hope for a remedy in the future. I suppose that hope for better days is what makes many like me, keep going....


  8. My Oncologist told me the first time we met that if my PDL-1 was at least 1%, she would recommend immunotherapy. It came back at 20% and I am two weeks into my fourth Keytruda infusion. CT scan next week will reveal whether or not it has been successful. 

  9. Does anyone have a relationship with Merck's Keytruda Program? I have been getting a call each month from one of their nurses who reviews the latest warnings about Keytruda and offers to answer any questions I might have. Although she hasn't been able to give me any answers other than to refer me to my oncologist. I responded to a Merck ad a few weeks ago and they sent me a parcel full of information about Keytruda via next day Fed Express! 

    Just wondering if they are doing this for legal reasons, to limit their liabilty or something?


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