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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
  1. Thank you so much for your responses. I really needed to hear that!! Being that this was my first scan since my lobectomy, I was so nervous...trying to prepare for both good and bad news. I had my scan this morning and then a teledoc appt. with my surgeon. Thankfully, he said I am NED!!! No sign of any new cancer or enlarged lymph nodes. I will re-scan in December. He told me that regarding the COVID crisis, he was in the trenches working in the ICU.....he said it was like being in a sci-fi movie.....all he could say was that it was just unbelievable. I thank God he is safe and healt
  2. I have only posted here a few times, but have read so many of the wonderful posts here. In Dec. '19 I had a lobectomy (lower left lung) and was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 1A (21 lymph nodes were sampled and found clear). I have had no further treatment since, or any follow-up doctor appts. I am due to have my first follow-up scan next week and am obviously very nervous. At the time of my surgery, I thought that would be it - cut it out and I'd be done. After doing some reading and seeing stories here, I now know that is not always the case. I am trying to be optimistic, but the close
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