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  1. Hi Gary: Of course this was all 9 years ago. We were surprised too, also, the first surgeon had left Moffitt so perhaps that played into the decision as well as the tumor shrinkage From chemo. I know that his case was reviewed by “the board”. All I know is first surgeon in May 2010 it was a no go, but in January 2011 second surgeon it was a go. Different board, change in “rules”, tumor shrinkage, or we got lucky. Not sure we’ll know why, but so very fortunate the past 9 years. Now we start a new battle where surgery is definitely off the table. Here’s to getting the answers to your questions. Tracy
  2. Hi APT! when my husband was first diagnosed in 2010 we went to to our closest comprehensive cancer center, Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. We saw the medical oncologist & talked about options, surgery being one of them, even though we were stage 4. My husband was 55 at the time & healthy otherwise. Met with first surgeon May 2010. That surgeon said he would do a mediastinoscopy, which biopsies the lympH node and if the lymph node was positive he would not do the lobectomoy. Lymph node was positive so that surgery was discontinued. We then went back to medical oncologist & started on chemo. Did 4 cycles of the cisplatin & gemzar, which shrank the tumors. We were then sent to see the radiation oncologist. That doctor said she wanted us to go back to Moffitt and see the Thoracic surgeon again, before she did radiation. We did. We saw a different surgeon. That surgeon said he would remove the tumor & surrounding lymph nodes in the right lung and in 6 weeks he would take out the tumor in the left lung and surrounding lymph nodes. I asked why he would when the first surgeon would not. His answer was his philosophy was different regarding positive lymph nodes, and in an implied manner ,that he was more experienced & skilled surgeon. And both surgeries were done. So even though we were at stage 4 surgery was available. Remember, second & even third opinions are always your right & there’s no shame in asking for them. Best to you and your mom Tracy
  3. Hi to everybody! Just needing some pick me up in this long game of NSCLC. Husband was diagnosed in April 2010, stage IV squamous NCSLC. Tumor in RUL & LLL. 4 cycles of cisplatin & gemzar. surgery 2011 to remove RUL, next lobectomy to remove LLL in March 2011. All good. 2013. Nodule appears in right lung. 4 zaps of SRS. 2017 another nodule in the right, SRS again. All good thereafter. Now, April 2020. CT of chest showed tops of kidneys. Weird. CT of abdomen ordered. Surprise. Bilateral masses on kidneys. Biopsy performed. First one negative, 2nd biopsy squamous cell, just like lung and some lymph nodes “glowed” on the PET scan, between 1.7 & 4.9 SUV, some uptake in kidneys, no SUV value. So, here we are 10 good years later and starting chemo again. Same stuff cisplatin & gemzar. Same schedule. Cisplatin day 1, Gemzar days 1&8, rest, repeat. Waiting on molecular studies of tissue samples. I’m just overwhelmed starting over, especially when there isn’t a set number Of cycles To count down to a supposed finish line. PET scan after 3-4 cycles to see if it’s working. It did work well 10 years ago, so we’re optimistic. It’s the no international travel or vacations while on chemo cycles that just really brought me down because they aren’t saying that chemo will ever end. Never mind COVID And it’s effects on travel. Just nice to have something to look forward. As my husband says, it’s just clear air turbulence, a bump in the road. I’m the worrier of the household. Hahaha. Thanks for letting me vent. cheers to all the fighters! Tracy
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