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  1. Hi Michelle, Wow! I can't believe the process you had to go through just to get your own information. That's crazy to me! That's interesting with the ICU. I've tried googling general information on that process and wasn't able to find anything helpful. Thanks for letting me know about it being usually limited time care. Oh man, what a tough situation to learn about with your mom. I wish parents told us everything when it comes to their health! My dad definitely minimized the problem to my mom over Skype when he first noticed he was feeling sick. Everything happened pretty fast
  2. I appreciate your reply Tom. I'm not really sure if it was a German hospital.. all I know is that it's called Saudi German Hospital, managed by the Middle East Healthcare Company. I feel like things were done in more of a Saudi hospital setting - but I'm not sure. Thanks for your explanation of ICU treatment costs - I didn't even think about that and I know he wouldn't have wanted to leave my mom with expensive hospital bills. I never actually heard about him getting a biopsy done, just a chest x-ray. I wish I knew more of how his doctor initially began treating him! An autop
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this group and I'm hoping to get some answers. I recently lost my father to lung cancer - it was unexpected as he never smoked and my family and I never knew just how sick he was.. he just didn't tell us until he was bedridden. I say we recently lost him, but it happened back in mid-March during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will lay him to rest tomorrow. It took a lot of time to get him home in the states because he was working as a civilian contractor in Saudi Arabia. He was tested for COVID-19 while he was still alive and that test was negative.
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