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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    I have walked 7 full marathons and about 30 half marathons. I work fulltime in IT. love to read, mostly novels. And my family, 3 adult daughters, their spouses and significant others as well as 4 granddaughters. And spending time with friends.

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  1. I was on the triplet, and after the third infusion I hit a wall that I have never back from. Tachycardia mostly. But when your heart rate goes to 140 when you cross the living room, you tend to lose whatever conditioning you had. I don't know for sure which drug did it. But I know it was that third infusion.
  2. @allie0318 I'm sorry for the loss of your father. Please forgive yourself self. My brother was a cardiologist and said sometimes, the patient would wait...for the loved one to fall asleep, get a coffee, step in the hall to take a call. He knew.
  3. I had pleurx catheter placed to drain the fluid from my right lung. I've had it about 5 months. My husband is able to drain it at home. The amount of fluid has finally started to decrease.
  4. Just finished my first. Well, today is day 9. I am scheduled for 3 more. My oncologist seems to think the pain is from the back and forth with constipation and diarrhea. I see a palliative care doctor next week to hopefully sort that out.
  5. @Babs I'm very weak. I also have tachycardia that I just started on meds for. That started before the Taxotere. I'm having pain in my lower abdomin. I hope this trial works for you.
  6. I started this combo last Thursday. I seemed to have missed the prescription for the steroids I was to take the 2 days after. I don't know if that would've changed how I feel. I am very fatigued. I never recovered completely from Carboplatin 6 wks ago. My mouth does have a funny taste. A little diarrhea. No nausea (those premeds help with that). I told my son-in-law that I feel like a ran a marathon. My muscles are that tired.
  7. My tests are normally scheduled at the oncologist office before I leave the office. Obviously, that isn't the case here. I would give them until Monday to kind 9f recover from the blow.
  8. Jennedy

    Lost a friend

    I'm so sorry Tom. Hugs coming your way from OH.
  9. Welcome, although I'm sorry you have to be here. This is a great place. I was like you, very active (marathon walker), healthy, when I found a lump above my left collar bone. That lead to xrays, CT scans, broncoscopies and an eventual diagnosis of Stage IV adenocarcinoma, NSCLC. Turns out the pain my shoulder was cancer, not an issue with my neck. Sounds like maybe you are stage III. Did they do biomarker testing?? I'm assuming they did if they are talking about targeted therapies. Do you know those results? The "curative approach" sounds promising. I had 10 radiation treatments to my lung and shoulder while we waited for the results of the biomarker testing. It resulted in pneumonitis, but did shrink the tumor in the lung and shoulder. I had the EGFR mutation and was put on a targeted therapy, Tagrisso. But that never worked for me. I just finished up 4 rounds of chemo. What we refer to as the triplet- Carboplatin, Alimta and Keytruda. I have scans next week to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. It's hard, but try to stay positive, for yourself and family. And ask any questions you might have. There are a lot of long-term survivors on here. And a lot of people have been through the treatments you will be getting and can help navigate the side effects. Jenny
  10. @Saturn_Bound as Lexiecat said, it depends. I was on oxygen for about 6 weeks due to radiation pneumonitis. (An inflammation of the lungs caused by radiation treatment). Once that was treated with steroids, I was able to go off the oxygen.
  11. I was just searching the forum for this very topic. I had a pleural catheter put in on Feb 10. They got 1 liter. Some issues with supplies etc, and we were draining it once a week. Now increased to 2x/wk. We are getting 400 or 450 ml each time. I'm wondering how long it will take to clear up....or if it will. I just had my 3rd round of carbo/alimta/Keytruda a week ago. I go back to the pulmonologist in 3 months. I admit to not being in a good place this week as a result of the fatigue from treatment (I hope).
  12. Jennedy


    My husband just sent me a link to that yesterday. I told him about this discussion.
  13. I am not allowed to have anyone with me for my chemo treatments. My husband is allowed in for my meeting with the Oncologist or NP. Like the others, my infusion nurses have been great. I was getting an infusion of Zometa every 4 wks, before I started the triplet. Now, they will be combined. I had a book or book on tape, adult coloring book, puzzles with me to keep me occupied.
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