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  1. Hi All! I might not be able to see all of the Sunday events I'd like to. Will there be a way to access recordings of them the following day? Thanks! Josh
  2. Hi Lisa. I'm registered. Absolutely! Looking forward to seeing you too. It looks like a fascinating event. I wish it weren't virtual but I'll be there virtually throughout. Thank you for thinking of me - Josh
  3. That is wonderful news Jack!
  4. Hi Lisa. I'm so glad things worked out for you. No I haven't had a biopsy done. My dermatologist just suggested I do that a few days ago. I'm seeing him Monday. My rash is also inside my mouth. Did you have that too? Of course that wouldn't negate the possibility of my lip having some other disorder. I'll find out soon. Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it. Stay safe and be well. Josh
  5. Thanks for all the advice Tom! I'm going to check with my dentist and see what he's got to say. Warmest Regards - Josh
  6. Hi all. Has anyone experienced mouth sores as a side effect to your treatment and found a remedy that helps it to heal or be managed. I think my oncologist is amazing but I feel like he might be dropping the ball on this particular issue. He recommended I go to a dermatologist. What they've given me seems to be ineffective. The good news is my cancer which is Stage 4 Non Small Cell is very inactive. Yay!! I'm thrilled. The troublesome thing is I'm thin already and I'm eating less and less because of the discomfort. If you have any suggestions I'd be very grateful. Thanks - Josh
  7. Advice needed. Despite Covid19 is the registration still open for the conference and where do I do that? Thanks all.
  8. Thank you Michelle. That's a great tip and an excellent link you shared. I might have even found someone nearby me. And Jack. Whatever I find that works I'd be more than happy to share with you. Fingers crossed.
  9. I've been on Keytruda off and on for two years now. I've been so fortunate that it has kept my cancer pretty consistently dormant. One of Keytruda's known side effects is a skin condition called Lichus Planus. I have a terribly resistant ulcer on my lower lip. My oncologist and dermatologist have me gargling two times a day with Tacrolimus, which is an immunosuppressive drug. I also use a strong steroidal cream called Fluocinonide. Both are powerful drugs but my lip seems very resistant to them and isn't healing. My doctors seem stumped butd I trust them implicitly. Sometimes it's a hit or mi
  10. sashjo


    I've been on Keytruda for two years now and have fortunately had good results. I've had some side effects but they were treated and none were life threatening. I want to ask my oncologist the same thing. I feel like I would be a nervous wreck without treatment being that my diagnosis is stage 4.
  11. Hi Tom. I live in upstate New York. My oncologist is associated with Norther Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck, NY. I've been in treatment for two years. They originally started me off with chemo but found I had a high marker for immunotherapy. Keytruda is what I'm being treated with. When you ask if I have a plan. In what sense? The thing I'm finding very challenging is with the diagnosis I received, for the first year I just thought about dying. Not in a morbid way but in a way that I could assimilate it, accept it, and still go on feeling hopeful for whatever time I have left. All along my sca
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