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  1. GaryG

    Swollen legs

    HI Jack: I have experienced swollen ankles/legs lately. Since I had a blood clot in my lung previously, my oncologist ordered a CT scan to make sure I did not have a blood clot. Then there was a debate about Edema and at the end they decided I had cellulitis and put me on antibiotics. Not to alarm you but you better take it seriously and let your oncologist know. I was told I developed cellulitis from scratching. Cellulitis is to be taken very seriously. I wish you the best.
  2. GaryG

    NED is NED.

    Congrats. Nothing better than NED.
  3. Kristina! congratulations on a fine report and best wishes for continued success.
  4. Hi Rikki: Sorry to know about your diagnosis and pain. I am a 74 year old mail cancer patient so I can't help with your breast question. Our ladies on the site are certainly more qualified. One question though did you ask your oncologist about the pain and if so what was his reaction. Maybe you should remind him often and demand answers. Are you now under his care and if so are you receiving radiation/chemo/immunotherapy and if so what type? Answering these questions might help us formulate an answer. I wish you the best.
  5. Hi and welcome. I am very surprised that the pulmonologist thinks it is cancer just from looking at a CT scan. As Lexi said, for now your best bet is to wait for the PT and biopsy results to find out. Waiting is difficult but there are no alternatives to the tests even if someone had the same experience with Covid-19.
  6. If one has to guess, your oncologist might wait till the next scan before arriving to a conclusion. Scans change from one to the other for many reasons. For instance some oncologist are encouraged by growing cancer when the patient is on immunotherapy. Also a growing mass could be due to inflammation. Anyhow, arriving to a conclusion from reading one scan while one is under treatment is not accurate. Your oncologist might compare this scan to previous ones and have a completely different opinion.
  7. Welcome to our group. I am 74 years old and was diagnosed with stage IIIB lung cancer On May 2020. I have been receiving a combination of chemo and Immunotherapy we call triplet. Lexi did a great job describing her treatment and quality of life and that very much negates the common misconception about cancer treatment. I am also enjoying a quality time and seeing positive results while being treated. You come to the right place to seek guidance and ask questions. Of course you have a way to go before you receive the details about your dad's diagnostics and that will determine the type of treatment he will receive. Make sure the doctors do a biomarker test to check for mutation. Nobody knows for sure (even the doctor) how many months your dad will live but as lung cancer patients, we are a true testament that beating the cancer is possible because many of us did it. All it takes is perseverance, hope and a good medical team. I wish you the best.
  8. GaryG


    Tom: What's so sad about your post is the current state of affair lung cancer . Imagine the benefits to every body should all these blogs, Facebook communities and non contributors all got together in one single setting to share experiences and help one another. Imagine the influence on Politicians, pharma and providers that will create. One can only hope.
  9. GaryG


    Hi Nikki and welcome to our blog. Sorry to hear about your brother. The only person who can answer both your question is the hospice doctor. Morphine dose given to patients differs from one to the other. I wish you the best.
  10. Hi Matt and welcome. Sorry about your Mom's diagnostics and hopefully the doctors will have the situation under control. First of all the good news is that the cancer is operable and that's the best solution for treating cancer. The question remains is why doesn't the doctor confirm exactly what type of cancer your Mom has after performing the biopsy? Also do you know if they performed a biomarker test to look for mutation? Granted the nodules are not very large but why the long wait (since November 2020) to do the second biopsy and MRI? It is good to be calm especially when you don't have all the facts but it is uncommon to wait this long unless she was receiving treatment. I wish you the best.
  11. GaryG

    Swollen legs

    Hi Deb: I have had it for 2 or 3 weeks and the doctor ordered an ultra sound to make sure it is not a blood clot. The problem is not in my calf but rather in my lower leg.
  12. Did anybody on Keytruda experience swollen and painful legs? I plan to ask my doctor but was wondering if this condition is curable.
  13. Hi Heather: Welcome and sorry about your husband. It is difficult to make a reasonable comment unless one knows more details. Almost every hospital ha an online portal these days where the doctors describe in details the type of cancer and the plan going forward. Family members are normally allowed to have access. I wish you the best.
  14. Hi Kristina: Glad you joined us. Like you I had two chocking experiences with cancer. Lung cancer for me and colon cancer for my first wife. Today I don't know which one I abhor the most. I am glad Tagrisso is working for your husband and I hope it will lead him to be NED one day. I also hope that you get the upper hand on your breast cancer and enjoy a happy life with your children. I wish you the best.
  15. If my family is not there for me through bad times, then they are not my family. Risking putting my family through suffering? Well sorry about the inconvenience but this is not about them. It is not like I have decided to have cancer. As for the odds, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, there is a chance to beat the odds. That said, going through the cancer journey is a sure way of weeding out the caring from the uncaring, the true friend from the false one and a close family member from a non family member.
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