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  1. Like Lisa, I feel like having my port removed would be a jinx, so I go in for flushes every 8 weeks. I actually forgot all about port maintenance last year but my port still works fine. Another reason I want to keep my port is I'm allergic to the adhesive on Steri-Strips and I don't want to get those itchy blisters again.
  2. I had cancerous lymph nodes but no pain in my chest at all. If the anxiety becomes overwhelming, ask your doctor for a prescription to help you cope. Hang in there. Believe it or not, it is possible to live with lung cancer and be happy.
  3. I was actually diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2019 based on a CT scan. At the time, my PCP told me it's not a death sentence anymore. It wasn't until after a bronchoscopy that the biopsy indicated adenocarcinoma and biomarker testing showed an EGFR mutation. I was staged at IIIB. So I understand getting that shock of a diagnosis, but try not to panic if you can. Stay away from Dr. Google. I'm on a targeted therapy (a pill) and have been NED (No Evidence of Disease) since April. Please let us know what your testing reveals.
  4. Judy M2


    With the protocols they have in place, I'd be more comfortable too. If all businesses did that, I'd be inclined to go places like restaurants. Everywhere we go is a calculation of risk these days. Just wear a good mask and enjoy!
  5. What great news! And I learned something from your diagnosis. Thanks for being with us. Enjoy those well-deserved milkshakes!
  6. I've been staying home for several weeks now. I only go out for medical appointments, occasional trips to grocery stores (with at least 90% mask-wearing customers) and essential trips to the lawyer, bank and post office as I settle my father's estate. I wear a good KN95 or KF94 mask. I've stopped seeing anyone indoors but will probably resume after I get the 3rd shot next month.
  7. I can talk about cancer (specifically lung cancer) and listen to the presenters at the LUNGevity ILCS Conference all day long. But apparently I cannot tolerate hearing about a broken wrist my husband's pickleball opponent suffered on the court today without almost passing out. Whew!
  8. An update: my neighbor 3 doors down just told us that her boyfriend Jim has Covid and her 2 (grown) sons had Covid and were re-infected again. I don't think any of them are hospitalized. Jim does have an underlying condition so I hope he makes it through OK. I believe they were all vaccinated.
  9. That's interesting, Michelle. I'm getting my (senior) flu shot on Monday. Will get the booster in October. When I went for a port flush this week, I asked the nurse what the oncologists are recommending but she said they hadn't put out any guidance yet. So, having positive antibodies from the vaccine, I'm comfortable with this plan. Plus I am not going anywhere these days and not seeing friends (indoors) who have recently traveled.
  10. Judy M2


    Izzy, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB adenocarcinoma in October 2019. My suggestion is for your son to get a bronchoscopy first so the pulmonologist can get a tissue sample for biopsy and biomarker testing. If he has a gene mutation that is treatable with a pill, he might be able to avoid chemo, radiation and surgery altogether. Please let us know how he makes out.
  11. Judy M2

    Need Tagrisso

    I'm sorry, but we in the U. S. are prohibited from giving our Tagrisso to anyone else. You may want to try the generic Tagrix which I believe people get from India from this pharmacy: https://www.bonhoapharmacy.com/non-small-cell-lung-cancer-nsclc/81-tagrix-osimertinib-80-mg.html
  12. Even when I was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2019, my PCP said it's not a death sentence anymore. For me, she was right. Nodules don't necessarily mean cancer. I imagine your next step is to see a pulmonologist. Try not to panic while you wait for your testing to come through.
  13. Agree with Michelle. Also check out AZandMe, Astra Zeneca's financial assistance program. Sometimes it takes a push for insurance companies to cooperate.
  14. Please make sure they do biomarker testing on the biopsied tissue to determine if you have a treatable gene mutation. That is a high priority. Best of luck with both the biopsy and PET scan.
  15. I think I'll do flu shot on Labor Day (our usual routine ever since my husband once got the flu in August somehow) and #3 in October. @ChiMama, I like your Ninja lewk!
  16. Wow, sorry to hear about your spine issues. But it's so good that you were able to advocate for yourself. So many of us go for months being un- or mis-diagnosed. I hope your PET scan turns out well and your tumor markers stay low. My oncologist also pays attention to tumor markers, which give me peace of mind. Hopefully your new pain can be addressed too. We are very lucky to have a drug like Tagrisso. If you're not already a member, LUNGevity has a private Facebook group "Tagrisso (osimertinib) Patients & Caregivers Group" for additional support. And you are right about Dr. Google!
  17. Isn't this interesting. https://www.technologynetworks.com/cancer-research/news/researchers-find-common-denominator-linking-all-cancers-350993
  18. My cousin posted this very good explanation of Delta and vaccine efficacy on FB. The language is easier to understand than most. https://www.tampabay.com/opinion/2021/08/10/what-we-now-know-about-how-to-fight-the-delta-variant-of-covid-column/?utm_medium=social&utm_content=FBtimes&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=facebook
  19. Judy M2

    Tagrisso Rash

    I've had some itchy red patches (no bumps) for the last couple of weeks. I've tried some OTC remedies but nothing has helped. When I saw my oncologist the other day, he suggested I see my dermatologist. I was able to score an appointment yesterday. Luckily he is very familiar with TKI side effects. A common side effect of Tagrisso is rash, because it inhibits fast-growing EGFR cells like skin, hair and nails. Since my rash has no bumps, I'm being treated for eczema. (A rash with bumps would be treated as acne.) So I have a prescription topical steroid and need to moisturize with Aquaphor like crazy. Just posting this for awareness. I've been on Tagrisso for 17 months and this is my first skin flare-up. I guess this side effect can come and go. I was able to get such a quick dermatology appointment because I had a side effect from a cancer drug. They prioritize this type of appointment. Can't wait for some relief to the itching!
  20. After being in stores lately with almost no mask wearing, I am now sufficiently creeped out and anxious. I almost fled from Target last week. It's easier for me to default back to isolation than to deal with the anxiety. I am sick of being sick (as I was for the better part of last year) and now that my health is good, I'm taking no chances. I don't even want to get a cold. I envy those who are brave, but I'm not willing to accept any risk at this point.
  21. In the 1990s I had a disc laminectomy for a herniated L4/L5 lumbar disk. My neurosurgeon prescribed PT after surgery. The therapist worked me like a dog, but just like Glenn, I came out of it in excellent shape. Congrats to Glenn on a great outcome!
  22. No prescription needed, just sign up online and pick a date and time. Not all stores do this but I think chances are good if they have a Minute Clinic.
  23. UPDATE: I thought I posted this earlier but I guess not. The rapid antibody test shows I still have IgG antibodies from the Moderna vaccine. So I will wait and see what they recommend. Luckily I'm not immunocompromised. The test cost $38, is a painless finger stick and takes 5 minutes. While waiting, I had a nice chat with the NP.
  24. When I was first diagnosed, my pulmonologist prescribed Robafen for my cough. I used to use it all the time until I had treatments and my cough disappeared. In November I developed a dry cough again but it turns out that it's from nasal allergies/post-nasal drip which I believe are caused by the drug I take for my lung cancer. Michelle gave you great advice. You said you had a CT scan with contrast. Did you get those results? Don't beat yourself up over this. We all are frightened at the possibility of lung cancer, especially when there's such a negative reaction from medical professionals. But lung cancer treatments have come a long way in the last few years and doctors now have lots of options to help us survive and thrive. Let us know how you make out.
  25. I agree with Michelle, push it. I too was misdiagnosed for several months because I didn't have risk factors.
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