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  1. I am so sorry to hear this, Lexie--waiting is so bad---I pray your recurrence will be as little and mild as possible. fingers crossed and prayers for you....do keep us updated.
  2. thank you Roz and Lexi--appreciate the insight and more questions to put on my list!! I am encouraged to hear that you both are doing well
  3. thanks, Lou. 1st I'd like to say so happy you are doing well from your surgery Lobectomy is out because of 2 places--one on upper lobe and 2nd is a bit larger in bottom lobe.....don't want 2 lobes removed! I appreciate your info. and suggestions and it has given me more ideas for my question list---which is growing longer! the 1st surgeon did not tell me why he wouldn't do VATS and since that was what I expected, I was taken by surprise and didn't think of some things I should have asked....just glad i have a 2nd opinion appointment next week. thanks again and hope things continue to go well for you. Martha
  4. Thank you Bridget--I am glad to hear that flying was no issue for you---wedge is less area removed, so "should" be OK...fingers crossed for next week's app't--since it is with docs at highly regarded cancer center, I have to believe they WILL know best, even if I don't like the answer. thanks again for your response and hoping you are still doing well after your surgery Martha
  5. Hello, I am facing lung surgery. Had a biopsy on upper right lobe--inconclusive, but mentions Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia: AAH and a well-differentiated lepidic-type adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS). I also have an area in lower right lobe that has been stable for 16 years but is now showing more "activity" on PET scan. It has not been biopsied Have met with 1 surgeon who says he would take out both areas at same time--fine by me--get them out! He would do wedge resections, probably removing about 1/5 of each lobe. He says, and I agree, it will be 1 procedure to accomplish both removal and biopsy, instead of another biopsy then follow with surgery. NOW, the news I didn't want--he says he'd do a Thoracotomy, which I don't want. I expected he'd do VATS so was surprised. I have appointment with another doc next week and am hoping he will offer VATS. IF both docs say it HAS to be Thoracotomy, I have no choice. From everything I read and hear and see here, VATS is the way to go if you can. I am trying to find out if VATS can be done on both lobes at same time? seems it should be able to, but I can't find anything online. Has ANYONE had VATS on 2 lobes? ALSO, have those of you with wedge resection and VATs been able to fly on planes OK? That is a concern also. REALLY would appreciate any info. you might provide---personal experience is always better to learn from than what you read or even what the docs gloss over...THANK YOU!!
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