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  1. Noela sorry to hear this I don’t no much about the surgery U need stay strong & good luck
  2. Tej welcome this is a group no body wants 2 b in do U have a oncologist do U have a CT or PET scan do U have family 2 help U try & stay calm exercise a little don’t sit all day eat your food did Your Oncologist talk to U about your treatment good luck
  3. Gene C welcome to the club nobody realy wants to join stay strong & think positive
  4. Lanny


    Tom & Deb my treatments are every week , I getting 4 more then CT scan to C if it’s working & hope there is a plan B
  5. Lanny


    I am on my second treatment of Carboplatin & Paclitaxel I am just exhausted all the time is there anything to do about this & the third one is this coming wednesday
  6. AngelL I also go to Emory getting 6 Chemo treatments one every week & then CT scan to see if the Chemo is working
  7. I no this is a big shock for U but U have to stay strong I am on my second Chemo treatment they can not do surgery for me it is Metastasis in my right lung & in the lymph nodes in my neck U just need to try & enjoy each day good luck
  8. LiNan I want 2 wish U good luck on Monday
  9. Lanny


    Had my first Chemo treatment Wednesday Caeboplatin & Paclitaxel have more trouble with my neuropathy in my legs & feet I have Gabapentin I have been taking but it’s not helping enough is there something else that would help
  10. Lanny


    Going Wednesday for biopsy on my lymph nodes in my neck which are enlarged it seems when I had surgery in December 2018 for Salvery duct carcinoma then February 2019 Chemo & Radiation now it is Metastasis I my right lung I had a Pet & CT scan over 6 or 7 weeks ago saw my Oncologist last week & he wants to Do Chemo once a week for 6 weeks then CT scan to see if theChemo is working has any heard of STAGE 4C worried more now S urgery is not a option sorry I might have posted this already
  11. I am sorry your going thew this but their are a lot of people hear to help I am recently diagnosed stage 4C don’t no a lot of answers but I want to wish U good luck
  12. Hi Heather I am new to the group I was diagnosed stage 4C I haven’t started Chemo yet I had Salvery duked Carcanoma in 2018 & had a 10 hour surgery they had to close my right ear up now it is metastasis in my right lung The Chemo I am going to have is Carboplatin & Paclitaxel they want tp treatm once a week for 6 weeks then CT scan also been a biopsy on the lymph nodes in my neck need to call the doctor when are the going to start i wantwish U good luck & GOD speed
  13. Adam welcome to the group & thank U for your Service my oncologist is going to video call me tomorrow afternoon I am stage 4 also & it is Metastasis in my right lung hope to beat this I had Slavery duck carcinoma in 2018
  14. Jennedy sorry 2 hear this I am a newbie also I have been coughing a little I haven’t starte Chemo yet my Oncologist is going to video call me Tuesday afternoon to discuss my treatment I am at stage 4 in my right lung dont worry about the rant not good 2 keep it all inside to much stress not good for U hope u feel better
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