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  1. Michelle/Gary, thank you both for the quick response. I completely understand and respect not giving recommendations (or criticism) in this public forum, as patients' experience varies and is affected by outcomes. I flew down to FL last week, and have the work flexibility to remain here as long as needed. His initial diagnosis was at local facility close to home (Bienes/Holy Cross). I am in contact with several cancer centers locally (Mt Sinai CC/Miami; Miami Cancer Institute/Baptist Health; UMiami/Sylvester; Good Samaritan/West Palm), as well as Moffitt in Tampa. My goal and prefere
  2. My father was diagnosed this past week, with stage-4 adenocarcinoma, including ~6-8 brain mets (so anticipate some radiation/radiosurgery to be included in overall plan). Does anyone in the forum have strong recommendations for/against specific cancer treatment centers (and comprehensive oncology teams) in south Florida area, e.g. Mt. Sinai/Miami; Memorial; Holy Cross/Bienes; other? Kind Regards, YA
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