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    I wish you and your husband the best. You have been through a lot.
  2. Thanks guys for the great and fast responses as always. I have never liked to take any drugs but if they help me I will. I will talk to my doc about Gabapentin Lou. Thanks, James
  3. I wonder about this drug.I am starting to have really strange dreams and I'm wondering if I really need to be taking it. I started when I began chemo as I was getting nerve pain in my feet and fingers. This comes and goes but it it not a big issue.(Maybe it would be if I stopped taking it) I'm on a dose of 10mg in the morning and 10 in the evening. Previously I had high BP and was on meds for that. Now I have BP which ranges from superlow like 90/ 60 to other variants in between. I usually get a rapid heart rate with it too.My docs have given me vague answers but nothing that has stuck in my brain. I know I need to speak with them again. Problem is which one. I just wonder what this group of experts thinks about this drug. Thanks! James
  4. Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. Well this puts the icing on the cake so to speak. Got on the bus was on my way to the end of the line subway stop that is indoors and I thought I could build up my strength walking as there aren't many people here. Got the phone call from my test on Wednesday as I has been more short of breath and sweating and just plain tired. This explains a lot,I just hope it doesn't get more full blown Am supposed to start with Immuno on Friday. I have been so careful with prevention too. Say some prayers thanks.
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    Babs I do hope it goes well!
  7. JamesB


    You are in my prayers and I wish you comfort.
  8. Thanks so much for this link!
  9. I hope you are all are feeling better!
  10. JamesB


    I am so sorry your family has suffered this great loss and for all the suffering.Prayers for you.
  11. Thanks AngelL for starting this thread. Was just on my way to post as I feel really bad and it's getting hard to take. I have no appetite and was cravig water which tastes crappy too. Got a pill yesterday for some kind of fungal thing going on in my mouth,nurse said once that dies down things might get a bit back to normal. This is my 2nd round,was ok first 2 days but these last 2 have sucker punched me. Tell me it gets betterr....
  12. I'm getting hearing loss now Tom.Have phoned my doctor.Do you know if the hearing comes back after the drugs are stopped? Thanks!
  13. Hey Heather,I'm new here too.I'm glad you have a treatment plan that seems to be working for you. You continue to work? That's great! I own a small Pilates studio and only do private sessions.I am starting chemo this coming Thursday and hope I can continue to work.I wish you the best!
  14. Thanks for the support and inspiration LIsa!
  15. Thanks Lou for the tips and support! They did not take the vent from my sister yesterday.She is on a round of antibiotics and they are going to decide on Monday. At least my older sister and my nieces and nephew got to be with her yesterday and they held the phone up so I could say something to her.She is still under sedation.Praying for a miracle.
  16. Thanks Tom good for me to know. Babs,I'm so sorry that your first round of treatments did not work for you.Tom is an inspiration. I do hope this new round gets you some relief.That is so kind of you to send me those thoughts on Saturday. I really appreciate it.
  17. Thanks Lexicat! The spots did light up on the pet scan. Very interesting to hear about how the ct scan picks them up or not. I will ask my nurse or doc about working. Right now i wear a mask and the client does too. We clean like crazy at the end of a session.It's just one to one.I also can distance myself a bit.I'm not crazy about Sweden's approach to covid. Especially when I look at other Nordic countries. I wear a mask if I take public transport and I see more people doing this. I ride my bike whenever I can. I'm not sure if I have to shut down how I will tell people. I'm thinking I might just say I have cancer without any more details and tell them I am doing the chemo. I know LC has such a stigma to it. Thanks again for your support!
  18. Thanks so much to all of you for you replies.It means a lot to me to wake up today and find this support. Tom,I read your steps and will try to apply them to my life. I had the broncoscophy and it took 8 days to get the results.I asked the doc about testing for extra things and he said I didn't have any markers for it. Luckily my partner was with me as I am very hard of hearing and it was very difficult to hear the doctor at times.I have 2 hearing aids but also have Menieres which has destroyed most of it. I should get a treatment plan in the mail today or Monday.When I know more about what I am getting I will let you know. A question I have now which I of course forgot to ask the doctor was the 2 new small spots found in my lung on the pet scan.These didn't show up on the CT scan could they have popped up this quickly ? I had the ct scan about a month ago and the pet scan last week. I am also concerned about my remaining hearing--Menieres may be an autoimmune disease.They know very little about it.I'm a bit worried about going totally deaf during treatment- I have talked to cochlear implant people about 3 years ago and we decided that I wasn't quite ready but when stress happens my hearing goes in the toilet as well. The doctor told me that I was going to get the best treatment that was available and that they were going to take care of me. The system here seems very well organized and it's in a brand new building and the team seems very good at this early point. I am very lucky to be here with the Swedish health care instead of being in the USA which is home. I know it's early to ask but I am retired but have a small Pilates studio where I used to see about 10-15 people a week.With covid it's down to about 6. Just got a new client.I'm wondering If I will be able to keep working during treatment? I have trained everyone really well and don't have to do any exercises just verbally instruct them. As far as my sister goes-I am still in so much shock and pain.Maybe she will rally on Saturday, we are a tough bunch my family. I do have the support of a psychiatrist friend in NYC and have talked to her. I know I will make it through this and I so appreciate your support.
  19. Just stumbled on this site and the reading and encouragement looks great. Just got home from doc today and was diagnosed with stage 4 Squamous cell. Have an egg sized tumor in bottom right lobe.Found out today that there were also 2 small spots that lit up on the pet scan.Another small spot was found in my colon. Like everyone else I guess I am in shock and surprised that it is this bad.I know I am lucky in that it has not shown up in my bones or other places. Treatment plan is to start chemo and Immunotherapy on Sept. 17th. I don't remember if they are going to do them both at the same time or separately. It's all overwhelming. I have felt fine only a cough since Feb. Still work and work out, Too add to my stress my younger sister who is my usual rock just had a couple of small strokes-she was on dialysis and survived breast cancer and a kidney transplant as well. They are going to take her off her ventilator on Saturday. It is all just too much. I could use some hope. Thanks, James
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