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  1. Hang tight and keep the faith!!!
  2. SamGirl50


    Congrats on your scan!!!!
  3. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis but I'm glad you found this forum. Trust when I say everyone is here to help. They're so knowledgeable and caring. They kept me from crashing when I got diagnosed, so please dont hesitate to hold back if you need to do any venting. I will continue to hold you in my prayers along with everyone else. Most of all, stay strong and dont give up! Sam
  4. Born in Manhattan NY, raised partially between NY and Augusta GA, now residing in Stafford VA.
  5. SamGirl50


    LOL.. You guys are awesome!
  6. Welcome! Sorry to hear about your mom. You are in the right place, everyone here is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great to talk to as well. Were all here to listen.
  7. Hello Lil, My name is Sam. I too am recently diagnosed in September. Stage 1b NSCLC Adenocarcinoma. I awaiting my surgery date for a lobectomy and wedge resection on 11/30. I can say, without hesitation, that I felt I was given a death sentence but when I found this site along with these wonderful people, I have started to look at my diagnoses differently. They are all here for support if and when you need it as well as myself. Please do not hesitate. Wishing and praying for the best for you! Sam
  8. SamGirl50


    I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.
  9. All of you are passing such excellent advice. I will for sure seek out a nutritionist. I will stop driving myself crazy with what I can and cannot eat and stop eating like I'm a hermit in hiding. It's good to know that I can come here for advice and words of encouragement! All of you are wonderful support! Thank you!
  10. Hello Gary, I apologize that I failed to mention that I am a new lung cancer patient just diagnosed a few weeks ago. I have an appointment to see a surgeon on Tuesday. Thank you for your input. I will be sure to ask the surgeon about seeing a nutritionist as I have become afraid to eat certain things for fear that it may be more harmful than beneficial. Sam I'm 50yrs old.. And I'm a girl.. LOL
  11. Hello everyone! I was hoping you can help me with this as I am a bit confused. I have been trying to read up on nutrition and cancer. What I've been seeing is a lot of "no sugar" and "eat plant based". I know mostly it means that your diet should consist of its main ingredient being plant based and to avoid added sugars. I guess where I'm confused is, how to determine that fine line. I find it to be difficult to determine. I am so new to all of this and trying to be proactive with my health. I was never a big meat eater but I do eat a lot of take out as I'm not a big cook. I do love vegetables and so does my daughter. Do we still enjoy that takeout burger and fries with a double mocha frap from Starbucks or do we not indulge. So confused! Sam
  12. SamGirl50

    Back home😁

    Stay strong! Were all here for you!
  13. Stay positive and hang in there. Hopefully it will ease off.
  14. Thank you for your kind words @Sheryl E!
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