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  1. Thanks LexieCat - Yes she has made similar statements to me already. I just tell her I cannot do that for her. My hospice situation is all at home and I'm the only one caring for her. She wants to be moved to a hospital or Hospice house but with COVID they are all full. The nursing homes locally are having run of COVID and I thought that would be an option but to me that would be like turning off her oxygen due to the high risk of such a facility right now. I just cant make that decision. My hospice care company has offered me " respit care "( sp. ) so I can get a break for 5 days. Bu
  2. Well if this is the right forum and I can post, here I go. I’m taking care of my wife and the Hospice nurses tell me my wife is close to the end of her journey. When her O2 drops dangerously low she takes her oxygen off and becomes very combative and confused and makes statements that don’t make sense. Once I get her oxygen back in. the 80-90 % range she gets better on all fronts but seems confused all the time. I’m sure it’s the amount of drugs I’m giving her every 4 hours around the clock but feel inadequate and guilty as well as anger at times. Anyone have any advice ?
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