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  1. First round of Camptosar started today. He is doing okay right now. His legs are weak and sometimes loses balance. Can this have something to do with the brain? He also has back problems (spine)and he needs surgery but they obvious can’t do that right now.
  2. I don’t know what to think. I am so confused. I guess even though doctors gave my dad 6 months to live I still question it. He has small cell lung cancer. It did spread to the brain and he has had 6 radiations. Before it jumped to brain he already had chemo sessions back to back. In 4 weeks we will know what the brain looks like. Do you think there is a chance radiation made it disappear? He still has cancer in lung so now they said he was going to have a different style chemo . It starts tomorrow, once a week. We had a choice of keytruda which the doctor said could be promising or chemo and we picked chemo. He also has had pulmonary fibrosis . This is his 6th year on that. He functions well right now . I am questioning if chemo is supposed to extend his life a little more than 6 months or is there a chance the cancer will disappear? I do not want to lose him.
  3. My dad has pulmonary fibrosis and small cell lung cancer. The cancer is in his brain and we just completed 6 radiations. In 4 weeks we will know if it helped. We have to make a decision on whether he should have immune therapy or chemo for the cancer in the lung. I am so confused. They said he could get very sick with immune therapy especially since he already has pulmonary fibrosis as well. I don’t know what to do and we have to make a decision . The drug the doctor suggests is keytruda. I also have been doing some reading about immune therapy possibly could heal the fibrosis.
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