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  1. Ok it’s now Monday night and I’m doing very good. My doc insisted on a BM before release and I got that accomplished this evening thanks to a suppository. So I’m 99% sure I’ll be getting to go home tomorrow! This whole experience has been shocking. From the shock of learning that they took the whole right lung, getting out of ICU so quickly to going home so soon. I’ve got to say that I’m truly blessed. Had people all over the country, in Haiti and Africa praying for me. Sorry it took me so long to write more but that pain pump stuff had my brain scrambled. Now I’m just on Norco every 4 hours as needed. I don’t get out of breath or as tired as I thought I would so I’m considering myself lucky. Well I’ll try to write more tomorrow.
  2. The wait is over, surgery was quit the ordeal. Things didn’t go as planned. They kept finding more and ended up taking the whole right lung out. Was in surgery for about 7 hours. They expected me to spend 2-3 days intensive care but I got out today. Doc said I’d go home Monday or Tuesday. Write more later, this took 15 minutes
  3. Thanks Judy, Gary and Lou! I’ll be glad when the morning gets here and we can get this show on the road. The waiting seems to be the worst part for me. Another hour and it’s bed time. Getting up at 7 and heading to the hospital at 9. Surgery is scheduled for noon. As soon as I can and my heads on straight I’ll let ya all know how it went. Thanks again for all your encouragement! Patrick
  4. Lexie, Thats my understanding of it, he’s making sure there are no other problems before opening me up. I’m hoping I wake up to find I’ve been sliced and diced. I’ll find out tomorrow.
  5. TJM, Not sure why, but the surgeon said he’s planing on going in first with just a camera and then if he doesn’t see any other problems he’d be doing an open. The waiting does suck. Did my pre-op stuff and COVID test today. One more day to wait. Tomorrow night should be real fun getting to sleep! I’ve got a list of the stuff I want to bring and my house slippers are on it. Patrick
  6. Lou, I’ll hopefully have all these suggestions memorized by Thursday. Of course whether I remember it or not remains to be seen. I think my body will be able to handle this surgery, it’s all the scenarios going through my mind that’s giving me anxiety every day. But of course we all imagine the worst. Just glad you all are here and take the time to help with your own experiences. Thanks, Patrick
  7. Susan, Thanks, I’ll definitely take your advice and bring a button up. I should of thought of that since I went through that when I had rotator cuff surgery.
  8. Tom, Thanks for the links, yours and Lou’s was very helpful. I’ll be visiting these pages often before the 19th. and as soon as possible after.
  9. Bridget, I’m definitely going to get a wedge pillow before next Thursday. I’m so glad I found this site, you’ve all been so helpful and kind. I hope one day to be able to add my own experience and help out someone else. I’ll be looking for Lou’s post, the more suggestions the better. Patrick
  10. Deb, I hope my recovery will be as fast as yours! As for me I hope to get back out on the golf course, tennis involves way too much running for me! I’m going to remember everyone’s advice and follow it. No better source than the ones that have been there. Patrick
  11. Thanks for replying Susan! Mine is going to be an open one also. Been told I’ll spend 4-5 days in the hospital. I know everyone’s experience is somewhat different with these procedures as no two are exactly the same. I guess a lot of my worry comes from the fact that my father had this surgery in 2003. I’m not sure if it was a clot or aneurysm, but he didn’t survive. I know surgery and recovery has come a long way since then but that memory is still there. Thanks for the tips about sleeping and the spirometer, I know the breathing exercises are very important. Patrick
  12. Well it’s now one week until my surgery, middle lobe, right lung. I have been worried about the procedure itself and the post-op recovery, both in the hospital and at home. Getting a little more nervous every day. Glad I found this site and for the people who’ve posted here. It does make it a little easier.
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