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  1. I can so understand how you feel. I also live alone and wonder how I will get through if I need help with anything. I finished my first radiation and chemotherapy treatments last week and feel worse than I ever have with the sickness and chest burn. Have spent the last 7 days over Christmas sitting in my recliner, I do get up and cook with a fuzzy head. I am taking zero pills so they are not to blame. I go back Jan 18th for retesting, I don’t think I will go through anymore feeling like this! For those that have families, treasure them.
  2. I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear of your plight, you didn’t mention how old she is. I can only give you a suggestion on the financial side. Try doing a face book “go fund me page” lay your story out there. I wish you all the best as it is a situation no one wants to be faced with. Keep us updated.
  3. Hi Cat Lady, I am from Oxford, England, born and raised but came to the States many years ago. My Sister tells me I am better off over here for treatment as she does not have a lot of faith in the NHS. I certainly do have a great team working with me here in AZ at the Banner "Anderson" cancer hospital. For one reason or another I have not been able to get home since 2000 but dream of our food daily, LOL. I restricted my travel days when I got an abused rescue, I am the only one he trusts and can't leave him with anyone, he is only 4 so I have to live a long time to see his time completed!!! Thanks for responding, seems like a great bunch of people on here!
  4. I am so sorry to hear you are going through all this. Cancer is something that seems to hit us all with no warning. I found this place here and have been given so much support by those with so much knowledge having been through so much. Draw from their strength. This is not an easy journey but we will make it!
  5. I would love to join this if I am going to be home. I think AZ is MST!
  6. Thanks good info. I am so new to this will have my 2nd Chemo next week. Yes my mass is big and blocking my right lung. Was told it has been growing for 3-4 years at least. Have had a few other surgeries and never had a chest X-ray, maybe it could have been caught sooner. Just a fluke it was found this time due to knee replacement
  7. Hope you have been spared the fires! Nice to meet you Judy.
  8. I was reading a post from a lady who said she was from Arizona and as I started to reply to her I hit a wrong button on my phone and lost the thread. I am now curious as to where everyone is from and have any of you ever met up or going to the same places for treatments. I moved to Mesa AZ 10 years ago after my Husband passed from cancer. Could not deal with old weather! Just thought this would be fun and interesting. Also are there any other Brits on here?
  9. Hi Lil. Welcome. I was also just diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer all still new to me but so glad I found this site. I also am now going to MD Anderson here at our Banner Hospital in AZ. They are truly wonderful. I feel very confident in their care. I also was playing golf 5 days a week and leading a very active lifestyle with zero clue what was happening with in my own body. Listen to everyone on here there is a whole collection of experience and first hand knowledge. Hang in there ask questions we will make it.
  10. They said the size was 6cm and that is why they were afraid at first it may have spread as anything over a 3 usually does. I am lucky it did not. I may be wrong on my CM or MM not a metric person. Another question I have is about the sickness. I decided to throw up when I felt sick rather than take the sickness pill as all it was was a thickish yellow bile that looked like poison! Is it not better to get that out of your system than keep it in?? No food ever came up!
  11. Well I wrote the questions down and asked them all, this is what I got, Right upper lobe Non small cell Lung cancer RUL Adenocarcinoma, stage 111 T4 N2MO T-tumor size N=2 lymph nodes M= no metasteses Carboplatin and Alimta every 21 days while getting radiationto you Radiation is image guided radiation therapy When done with treatment I may get a drug tailored to my genetic testing results Genetic testing results should be back in a week or so. Hopefully this makes sense to you!
  12. Thanks Tom. I now only belong to the VFW as I am a life member
  13. Thank you Lexie. I will start asking more questions now and taping them. They said the constipation is from the high dosage of steroids I had for Chemo last week. When I get sick I only bring up a yellow fluid I call it poison. No actual food.
  14. When you are talking about this as we gave it to ourselves are you referring to smoking? If so I just read a very interesting article saying that more women who have never smoked are now being diagnosed with lung cancer!! After thinking about this it actually makes sense.. women are into so many crafts today and we are using paints, stains, glues, breathing in dust from treated woods without using a mask, I could go on and on but you get the idea.... I did post this on my FB page.
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