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  1. Yes all lymph nodes were negative. Only time will tell like any lung cancer survivor but today some relief.
  2. Site finally stopped draining!! She is still experiencing intermittent AFib, some coughing, and shortness of breath but doing much better over all 2 1/2 weeks after surgery. Today we went to follow up and got pathology. We knew about the 1.2cm adenocarcinoma. It only had .5cm intrusion so very good news. They found a second .6cm tumor that tested as squamous cell. Two different cancers!!! But it was also very small. Lymph nodes were clear. Staged as 1A1. We are celebrating and thankful today. I know we will have scan anxiety in 6 months but today we are celebrating!
  3. Her chest tube has been out for 9 days. Its the site thats still leaking. She's really frustrated! 😔
  4. Her chest tube site is STILL draining. I took her to see the PA and they were OK with it bc its not infected and clear drainage. Its isn't crazy 9 days after removal still draining. Anyone have that? Also her BNP bloodwork value is way out of whack. 8000s when normal is 125. Hoping just body shock from the surgery and that number comes down because it's scary.
  5. She's in recovery now. So healing has began!
  6. She's in surgery now. Thank you for the encouragement!
  7. She's having robotic with davinci robot. Surgeon has 2 of them today alone so high volume experienced surgeon with the robot. I am going to keep your outcome in my mind today for my mental strength! Thank you for sharing your story.
  8. My aunt has a 1.9cm adenocarcinoma in right lower lobe that had 1.5 PET uptake and a "non specific uptake near hilar region of 4.0". She had an EBUS but no samples were taken so the SBRT option was risky not knowing of the hilar lymph nodes are involved. I'm terrified the night before I take my 70 year old aunt that has many comorbidities- age, high blood pressure, stage 3 renal failure, diabetes, etc for her right lower lobe robotic lobectomy. The surgeon did a 2D ECHO, stress test, etc and still is proceeding with the surgery. He is an excellent thoracic surgeon but it is still terrifying. Also, once we get her through the surgery safely, I dont know what to expect her recovery to be like. Any stories or information would be helpful to calm my nerves.
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