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  1. I was on 80% dose of the Tax until this last Friday and they lowered it to 50%. I have another treatment in 3 weeks at that lowered dose and then a scan to see where I'm at and that will determine if I need any further treatments or if I can go on maintenance. I'm hoping for the latter, of course. Because I haven't been getting full dosages, there's the chance I could continue on with a couple more to make sure I eat the whole bag of cookies. LOL!
  2. The side effects of the Tax/Cyr are miserable. For me the worst side effects are the debilitating muscle/leg weakness, mouth sores and having absolutely no taste buds. There are others as well but I could sure deal with them as opposed to what I'm going through now. I just hope the misery is worth it. Let me know what direction you're going to go and if you decide to go this direction, please feel free to reach out with any questions or even just to vent! This stuff will make you want to vent, that's for sure!
  3. Hi, Jen! I am very sorry to hear this. You have received some good tips. I'd like to reiterate to NOT pay attention to Dr. Google (outdated stats on the 'net) or anyone else as far as life expectancy goes. My oncologist and I have an agreement that if I want to ask that question, I will be the one to ask it. No one is to volunteer their .02. Which he did before I started treatment. I got the same 2-3 year spiel. The agreement started right then and there because I wasn't going to take this disease laying down and neither should you. Your comment about fighting is spot on and this is going to be a fight. But oncologists have a lot more tools in the toolbox nowadays to help you fight. So don't give up hope. I've also been told that attitude is everything. Yeah, there are going to be days you're not going to feel so good but you at least have the assurance of knowing that you are FIGHTING THE MONSTER!!! We're here for you!
  4. Seems like with lung cancer (and many other cancers as well), you're never just "one and done". I was diagnosed in November 2019 at stage 3A. Treatment (chemo and radiation) worked and my chest has remained fine since then. I enjoyed a lovely spring and summer of NED but then a scan in late fall revealed that it had progressed to both adrenal glands. I've been on a couple different treatments since (this one I'm on now is kicking my butt!). You are definitely not alone nor will we let you deal with it alone. Most of us have either been there done that and/or currently dealing with it. There are so many tools in the toolbox to deal with this stuff so hang in there! Don't lose hope because you are in the company of some diehard hopers!
  5. Funny how they don't differentiate between situational and clinical depression. I'm depressed right now because of how I'm physically feeling but I'm not depressed in the clinical sense. Sheesh! They'd better remove that for you!
  6. Ugh, the indigestion! I guess we'll just kind of limp through this and hope the results are worth it, eh? I'm so happy that I have the best supervisor and coworkers around. Usually I'd only miss the 2-3 days after treatment, would just work from home. But this last go-round, I've only been in the office one day and that was this last Thursday. Holy guacamole!
  7. Thanks, Jack! I'll keep that in mind for sure. Cepacol did nothing but just burn my mouth. Good grief what a ride this has been the last 4 weeks! I usually try not to complain but this time around is miserable. My mouth hurts, throat, rear end. You name it, it hurts. Makes a person want to lay on the floor and quiver and cry for mommy!
  8. Pharmacy didn't have what I was looking for but I did settle for tangerine-flavored Cepacol lozenges. I'll see how those work. At least it'll get my throat as well.
  9. Thanks, Judy! And I'll take your advice to heart I've been making a point of at least muscling down the liquids for that very reason. I can handle being a little hungry (I have some lard to lose anyway - LOL!) but inability to drink, nope. I'm going to be going to the pharmacy here in a few minutes to hopefully get some assistance for my mouth. And there's a double motive....the pharmacy also has a coffee shop and I'm treating myself to a strawberry frappe (non-caffeine). Aaahhhhhh, the icy coolness as it slips down my throat!
  10. LOL $500 a bottle is a bit out of my affordability range. If I can't find what I'm looking for at the pharmacy today, I'll go with Cepacol just so I can eat in some sort of comfort. Drinking isn't the most fun right now either. But hopefully this will all be worth it. Thanks, Judy, for your response!
  11. No. I think it might have started with an F but I could be getting that mixed up with the myriad of other pills I'm taking. Ugh, I'll be happy to get off this laundry list of pills. But I must have patience. Thanks for your reply, LexieCat!
  12. Hi! I was wondering if someone knows the name of an over-the-counter mouthwash that relieves mouth and throat pain? I'm not talking about that magic mouthwash stuff as I know you need a prescription for that, which I got, couldn't even stand the smell so didn't use it. Apparently there's a mouthwash (and also comes in lozenge form) that has a rather pleasant taste (citrusy mint). This particular treatment (Taxotere/Cyramza - probably more the Taxotere) is taking my mouth and throat for a ride. I found the name awhile back on a thread and cannot for the life of me find it again. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Sandy N

    Lost a friend

    Very sorry to hear this, Tom.
  14. Sounds like you've got a wonderful oncologist!
  15. Jesse, no one deserves cancer no matter what the cause. I was a smoker, too. In fact, was a smoker when I got my diagnosis. Haven't smoked since, though, but that's my choice. I, too, have noticed that the FIRST question people ask when they hear someone has lung cancer is always about smoking. Seems to be a lack of empathy for smokers. If they hear a person was/is a smoker, it's just a shake of the head, a shrug and "well". Huh?
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