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  1. Great question! Apparently it’s some sort of inflammatory reaction that results in a lipoma which necrotizes. It can hurt a lot, and I think it explains the chest pain I’d been intermittently having. My surgeon hadn’t seen it in a lung context before but it happens in the abdomen, on the gallbladder and other such places. So weird.
  2. I’m in recovery and it’s mostly going smoothly. I’ll be wearing a mini chest pump for a few days but it’s fine. Pathology is back early as well and it was a strange but benign finding of “infarcted fat”. I want to thank everyone for all your great advice, including the surgical recovery tips, and wish each of you the best on your cancer survivor journeys. ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Thanks Gary! Yes, this seems like a key thing to ask about. I will request this now in the event the lump comes back as malignant. (I assume no point if benign, as the surgeon is expecting, but I plan to raise it anyway to be thorough.)
  4. Hi again everyone. Just a quick update. I have decided to move forward with removing the nodule, and the VATS is scheduled for tomorrow. According to the surgeon, removal is protocol for a lump that was not there in prior imaging. (It turns out they found an old chest CT of mine from 12 years ago which did not show the nodule). That is why they offered resection now, although I also did have the option to do a needle biopsy. I chose this path so they could also better see the parietal pleura just in case it's still inflamed (although there's no longer any pain). All the above said, he is not concerned about the nodule's appearance, so we will see what transpires. As the lung cancer director of our major hospital here in the city, I feel I am in good hands and will hope for good news too. It should be a couple weeks until full biopsy results are available.
  5. Either is a possibility I do know the thoracic surgeon I am speaking with is the medical director of the lung cancer research center at our hospital. So that’s positive at least.
  6. Thank you both for the welcome and the prompt reply. The puzzling thing is, I asked my pulmonologist if any of his colleagues had seen any suspicion and he denied it. Instead, his answer had more to do with my age and health and “removing it not to worry about it” vs monitoring and more frequent radiation. I just don’t it understand though, it seems a big and unnecessary leap if it’s truly low risk, especially during a pandemic. I suppose I will know more next week when I speak to the surgeon, and I will ask about an oncologist too.
  7. Hi everyone. I’m a 44 year old female, an athlete and generally have considered myself to be healthy. I was never a smoker per se but did bum cigarettes from friends at bars when I was in college and for a few years after. A week ago I ended up in the ER for excruciating back, chest and shoulder pain that came on after a workout. In the ER they did a work up which included a CT. The CT showed trace pleural effusion in my left lung and around my heart, and a lump measuring 1.5 x 2.6 in my lingula next to the pericardium. The report described it as a lipoma or hamartoma and in fact the ER doc didn’t even mention it to me at all. I followed up with a pulmonologist a few days later, who said it probably wasn’t a big deal but he would speak to some colleagues about it. Fast forward one hour later, he has me booked with a thoracic surgeon to discuss VATS resection. I’m so confused and concerned— if this truly looked benign, how did we jump from no big deal to a resection surgery? He claims he still thinks it’s no big deal, but I feel like he’s trying not to freak me out. How concerned should I be? I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone as it’s about a likely benign lump, but I am scared he thinks it’s cancer and I just don’t feel like I know who to turn to with my questions. The doctor has offered all the assurances he can but it still doesn’t make sense.
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