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    Hey! just wanted to give everyone an update. My 71 year old father recently diagnosed with early states of SCLC is having a lobectomy this Friday! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! jess
  2. Hi everyone. thanks for all the support. My dad who was recently diagnosed with SCLC is scheduled for a lobectomy this Friday! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!
  3. I’m not always very good with math lol it was approx 4 weeks since he had a catscan , PETSCAN and his results which was yesterday. Now he is having a brain MRI to Assure it has not spread
  4. Hi I wrote in a forum a few weeks ago about my dads possible lung cancer diagnosis. About 6 weeks ago he went to his doctor for a regular check up and they found a nodule. He finally received his results from the biopsy today and it is small cell lung cancer. His PETSCAN indicates it has not spread. However, now they are saying they need a brain MRI to make sure it hasn’t spread before possibly surgery. I really need to get off the internet because it is all bad news in regards to small cell cancer. I just need support
  5. Hi Tom my dad is 71 years old. He has been a smoker for over 60 years and he quit last week after learning the nodule appears cancerous. They did say it was caught early; of course, I’m still really anxious. Just not what I expected after just losing my mom. He has a few appointments coming up including a biopsy and breathing test to make sure he is fit for surgery.
  6. Thank you Bridget. My dad is 71 years old. It’s likely he will have surgery. He is scheduled for biopsy and breathing test. That would be great if you have any information to help him prepare for the surgery! Thank you
  7. Hi everyone thank for reaching out! My dad is 71 years old. They did catch it early thankfully. He is doing a biopsy and a breathing test to make sure he is fit for surgery. They are pretty sure it is cancer, but it was caught early. I am hoping they do it VATS instead of open surgery. After the biopsy he will meet the surgeon! Thank for the support, I really need it!
  8. Hi everyone i just found this website and decided to write a post. I’ve been really anxious about my dad. He had an annual lung screening a few weeks ago which showed a suspicious nodule. About a week later, he had a PETSCAN and it determined that the nodule was localized with no signs of metastatis ; but suspected cancer. He met with a pulmonologist today and they are scheduling a biopsy and breathing test. I suspect he will have surgery. To make matters worse, we are in the midst of a pandemic and my mom died unexpectedly last year! Just need support. Also does anyone know much about lobectomy?
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