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  1. First of all, I should have told you I had a CT scan about 15 months ago, so the slow growth must be REALLY slow. I think that's why he thinks three months vs covid exposure is safe. He also said he did not want me to take up a covid bed unless he felt I had to. The hospitals are full, and I'm sure he is treating folks who are still feeling the effects of covid. He seemed ragged and worn out, I suspect he lost a patient that day. I am seeing Dr Ducko at the Dana Farber Cancer Center (Weymouth MA) and i think I'm in good hands. I'm just worried is about the PET scan results. I know, I know, I just have to wait ... But I appreciate your responses
  2. Hello everyone, 61 yo female, 40+ year former smoker here. So 1.5 weeks ago my CT scan showed a nodule, and just this past Monday I met with the thoracic surgeon for the first time. Not the best bedside manner, but he's with Dana Farber so YES. He said it is growing slowly (good news) and he wants to hold off on surgery until March due to covid. So I left feeling this was good news -- again this is all new to me. It can be surgically removed so step one is positive. the following day, this last Tuesday, I had a PET scan and am still waiting for those results. I have a telephone appointment scheduled with him next Monday, but the wait is killing me! I hoped the results would show up on the patient portal, but no. Does that mean bad news? Does it mean anything? I smoked for over 40 years and, although I don't cough, I often have a sore throat. So NOW I'm worried about throat cancer and lay in bed thinking about my sore throat. It almost feels like my tonsils did as a teenager. Does a PET scan include the throat? I hate the anxiety coming back like this .... the feeling of absolute dread that I just can't shake. All this has happened (CT, pulmonologist, thoracic surgeon and PET scan) in less than two weeks. I live alone, and nights are scary which isn't helping. Who am I kidding, days are scary too.
  3. Okay, well I know what I can get from social security if I retire at age 62(next june). It's gonna be tough, my mortgage alone is 1600/month
  4. LexiCat, is the SSI amount based on a percentage of your salary, or a set amount?
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