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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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  1. Jenny Wishing you great scans in February! Chris
  2. My goodness! Thank you 😊 all for your sharing! Yesterday was rough. Today is a new day and you made it even brighter! I will continue to research, but not Dr. Google snd check out the resources on this site. Thank you! Happy New year to all! Peace, Chris
  3. Hi, I am Chris and just found out last week I have lung cancer, adenocarcinoma. We found out today it is stage 4. We are waiting on pathology to determine if I have any mutations. Next week will do a PET scan and find out about mutations, if I have a mutation they will know what kind of treatment I should begin. I am 56 have always been healthy and active. No symptoms except fatigue and a cough and shortness of breath when climbing stairs. I had a thoracentesis to remove fluid from lung then a cardiocentesis to remove fluid around heart. I also have a small lesion in my brain. I am hoping to start treatment next week. Today I am feeling quite lost or numb not knowing what to think. My husband and kids are scared. I have always been the healthy one. I am ready to kick some cancer butt and shrink this cancer or at least keep it at bay. I am hoping to find someone who has had a similar diagnosis with some good stories to share. in the meantime I am being gentle with myself as I try and process what this all means. Hope and health to all, Chris
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