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  1. I cannot thank all of you enough for taking the time to write me such lengthy & informative responses. For a little update: I was looking at my fathers My Chart which includes all of his test results. I was incorrect about the x-ray. He had a standard CT Scan without contrast done (routine from the pulmonologist), on 10/5/20, and had a 4 mm nodule in the posterior lateral left lower lobe that the radiologist noted was most likely benign nodule, but would do a repeat CT in 12 months. He did have numerous prominent, but non-enlarged, mediastinal lymph nodes. No enlarged hilar or axillary lymph nodes were present. Fast forward to 12/31/20. He was having pain in his chest (a-fib), and they wanted to get a CT of the chest/abd/pelvis with and without contrast- which is where these results differ from the CT without contrast less than 3 months ago. "Suspicious for right hilar mass measuring up to 2 cm without other mediastinal lymphadenopathy in a background of emphysema. Perhaps PET/CT would be appropriate for further evaluation" I have been absolutely sick to my stomach since we found out about the new mass. My husband & my brother are both in the medical field, however, neither in pulmonology. Both emergency medicine. So while they have extensive knowledge, it is not helpful for this worried mind. They are very cut and dry. Basically, my husband has said he hopes this was just an early find, and my good friend "google" is terrifying me with SCLC. My dad has a virtual conference call with his pulmonologist tomorrow afternoon, and I know I need to calm myself down, for there is nothing I can do at this point. I'm just such a daddy's girl, and he is my whole world. I cannot shut my brain off. My new question for any/all of you: Do you think it is possible that they might have missed the mass in the CT done on 10/5? My husband seems to think that would be a BIG MISS if that were the case. So, now I'm worried he has some aggressive form of lung cancer for a mass of that size. My husband gave me one of the books he had in medical school to look through (he knows I will not stop researching, and wanted to give me the best source of information aka NOT google, haha), and everything I've read is that lung masses, when it is NSCLC, usually take 3-6 months (or longer) to double in size. What concerns me is that 3 months ago nothing was noted on the CT or was present, & now for there to be a new mass & for it to already be 2cm 3 months later.. Does this even sound possible? ALSO... He had prominent lymph nodes on 10/5 and enlarged lymph nodes on 12/31... If the mass was not present on 10/5, why would he have prominent mediastinal lymph nodes?? Is this something that is common with lung cancer? or have any of you had similar experiences? I hope that you do not think I'm crazy, and I cannot tell you how truly grateful I am for your feedback. I actually read all of your responses with tears in my eyes, but I've been doing that a lot these last few days. I know nothing will be known until a biopsy or the PET scan, bu I am just desperate for similar stories, or information. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time, again, to read this! Sarah
  2. My dad was recently admitted to the hospital for chest pain/shortness of breath. He is a smoker, and has been for over 40 years. He is 71. He has lost weight over the course of the year, along with his appetite. He has COPD and emphysema. While in the ER they did a CT of his chest/abd/pelvis. His results : "Suspicious for right hilar mass measuring up to 2cm without other mediastinal lymphadenopathy in the background of severe emphysema. Perhaps PET/CT would be appropriate for further evaluation." Has anyone experienced the same or anything similar? I am just looking for direction. He has seen a pulmonologist recently (3 months ago) and they did a Chest x-ray (he has atrial fibrillation- and has had shortness of breath since his ablation/surgery this summer) it showed a small nodule, but they are stating this current one is new. My mom will call the pulmonologist to schedule an appointment on Monday. Any advice or similar stories would help my mind greatly. The good news is he has not touched a cigarette since. I pray this is easily treatable, and a wake up call for him to continue down the path of not smoking. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
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