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    I will be thinking of you and your father, Jessica.
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    Sending you strength Golfman.
  3. Update: We spoke with the lung cancer specialist today for that direct conversation about prognosis. Mom is discontinuing chemo (they don’t really recommend it for her in her condition anyhow, though I don’t think it’s entirely off the table if she would choose the modified dose). She’s in that window now between palliative and hospice. Doctor said we can wait on hospice until we’re sure she needs it since she’s stable right now. She quoted us “month....probably 3 months....maybe weeks”. I knew it was coming but that hit hard. Just hearing those words. Thanks for listening.
  4. Again, thank you all. I’ll pass along these recommendations. I just started Farewell by Creagan and Wendel. It’s a nice compilation of what-to-expects as someone approaches end of life. So far it’s helpful!
  5. This community is such a gift. I know each of you is encountering your own trials and yet you have made the time to share your concern, care and hope for my family. Thank you. Today she told me that she does not think she wants to continue chemo. She seems so centered. I asked her if she felt afraid and she said no, but that she wasn’t sure if she is just naive. Does anyone have any recommendations for excellent end of life reads? She said she is open to reading about death/dying.
  6. What a wonderful community. I am grateful to have found it. My 72 year old mother has been battling cancer for 5 years; breast cancer returned from 20 years ago and she had a new diagnosis of SCLC December 2020. She completed one round (out of 4 assigned rounds) of chemo and developed serious pneumonia that landed her in the hospital for two weeks. We didn’t think she was going to make it, but she did! I have lovingly teased her for years that she is the kitty cat with nine lives. She always rallies and somehow pulls through. She is now at home and has my 75 year old father as her full time caregiver, plus home health PT and nursing to supplement. Father is doing a fine job and we are visiting (masked of course) and filling gaps where we can. I am most proud of my mother for asking the tough questions about her prognosis at this point. As she considers discontinuing the chemotherapy that compromised her to such an extent that nearly killed her, she is questioning the benefits of the treatment. How much time will it offer her? We are having a frank conversation with her palliative care and lung specialist team next week. She has appointed me her medical power of attorney, so I will attend to stay involved and continue to guide her when she asks for direction. My hope is that she denies treatment and moves to hospice. With her condition of multiple stage 4 cancers and general un wellness, I believe strongly in keeping her comfortable and managing her symptoms with lots of love and support is the way to go. I have not directly said that to her, as I am following her lead but she indicates the same sentiment. Next week we will discuss it further. I am going to miss her so much. thank you for listening.
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