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  1. Thank you, Bridget, for sharing your experience with me - I will share it with my Mom! That's amazing you were able to leave the day after surgery. Mom's surgeon told her it would probably be 3-5 days but that he did recently have an 82 year old who was ready to get out of there the next day so he discharged her. Support groups like these are so helpful. I appreciate it. Because of COVID, I'm not allowed in the hospital at all during all of this which is understandable but also upsetting. I hate she's going to be "alone" from a family standpoint. But I know the surgery staff will take g
  2. Never would have thought about a wedge pillow - great suggestion! Thanks so much for that, the additional link of tips and info on your own experience with this surgery! I used robotics and VATS interchangeably because the surgeon did so I thought it was the same thing. My mom is having VATS specifically. I'm going to go look on Amazon for a wedge pillow for her tonight. I appreciate it! ❤️
  3. My mom is having the robotic VATS surgery next month and I'm just wondering if anyone here has been through this particular surgery and if you can give me any tips on how I can make the recovery process easier on her. Was there anything you wanted/needed during that time that would have made recovery nicer for you? I don't have much experience with post-surgery recovery. I, myself, would just want pain killers and good wifi! But my Mom is 78 years old so I'm thinking she will require something different than me. Any advice will be appreciated!
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