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  1. Hi Karen, Welcome. I have stage 3 also and they did not operate since they would have to remove whole lung and it spread to my bronchia(sp?). My chemo was etopiside and cisplatin. Radiation was for 33 sessions. Had etopisde days 1-5 and then three weeks later. Had cisplatin day 1 and also day 8 then three weeks later. I had two bad days with chemo the first round and should have asked for more nausea medication. The second round was not bad at all with nausea medication. The radiation was no problem. Only side effect was a week after it ended I had trouble swallowing and they prescribed Magic mouth wash that worked great. First post chemo scan Doctor thought was good since cancer shrunk a little and he thought just scarring/cancer debris that showed. The left lower lung was still partially collapsed that was from weight of mass I was told. Developed blood clots in my good lung and went on blood thinner. I then went on Durvalumab which I'm getting every two weeks for a year. Second scan two months later showed a little shrinkage and lower left lung was starting to inflate and blood clots gone. I developed pneumonia between 1st and 2nd scans. Not a big deal. Third scan showed that my lung deflated a little and something down there where my cancer is/was. Doctor told me it could be from radiation that ended a while ago, still inflammation from lingering effects on pneumonia or cancer is back/growing. He gave me options of getting another CT scan is 6 weeks or getting a Bronchoscopy/biopsy. I chose to get biopsy since the lung deflating made me a little nervous. Will be getting that on the 18th. I have had no side effects from Durvalumab at all and feel good. The frustrating part for my wife and I is that everything seems to be grey and not black/white. I'm sure you'll do well with your treatment and request nausea medication whenever you need.
  2. Hi, Ended up having pneumonia and spent two days in hospital. Learned that I should have pushed it more with my doctor. I knew something wasn't right. I pushed but not hard enough. Feel fine now and good news is that it did interfere with my infusions.
  3. Hi Lexi, Thanks, doctor aware and just monitoring situation. My guess is lungs inflamed a little and that is what is causing the problem. Nothing to cause me to stop infusions. My bewilderment is that I won't have fever all day and then 4:30-5:00 I get 100 degree fever. Very strange in my opinion. Have a great day Lexi.
  4. I have had three infusions. The second was bad since I had moderno vaccine at same time and I believe vaccine caused that reaction. A couple of days after 3rd infusion I'm getting a fever(99.5-100.5) every afternoon about 4:00-5:00. I'm fine during the day but curious if anyone else is experiencing this? Thanks.
  5. Opal, Thanks I did not see this earlier. I received 2nd shot of Moderno and also infusion of Durvalumb on same day. I had 102.5 fever and unbelievable chills for the next 36 hours. Did not leave my bed and was drenched the entire time sweating. That being said I would do the same thing over again to get the vaccine. Almost felt that it was a trial run of actually having Covid and I don't want that.
  6. Thanks Judy. Great for the continued positive treatment results. I'm getting my second infusion on the 23rd and also getting the second dose of Moderna the same day. Don't know what to expect from second Moderna dose but the first was fine. I'm going through older posts and really just trying to learn as much as I can Thank you for your kind words.
  7. Thanks Tom. You cleared a lot up for me. Looking forward to participating in this forum!!
  8. Hi Kristen, thanks. Did not have a biomarker or mutation to the best of my knowledge? Not sure if I should have but I am very happy with my doctors.
  9. Hi, my name is Terry and I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer which they could not operate. I had radiation for 33 days and also two sessions of chemo(Cisplatin(day 1 & 8 and Etopiside(days 1-5). Went in for scans a few weeks after I was finished everything and they said mass and lymph node both shrunk a little. What surprised my wife and I is that the doctor seemed happy with results. He mentioned the mass could be just dead/inactive cancer cells(not sure about terminology). Unfortunately my lower left lung has collapsed and I now have a blood clot in my right lung. What I am very excited about is getting Durvalumab every two weeks for a year. While a little disappointed with chemo/radiation I think immunotherapy is the future. Had my first treatment yesterday and no side effects. Have many people been given Durvalumab and curious on thoughts/results? Thanks, sorry for rambling.
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