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  1. Kasey had her scans and tests on Tuesday at NIH. Met with the surgeon on Wednesday. No evidence of disease. In fact she was told her scans look "pristine." It is now over 7 years since her diagnosis. We thank God for this continuous miracle. Love you, Fred
  2. Fred

    Dr. Oz

    FYI - Kasey is going to be on the Dr. Oz show tomorrow if she is not edited out. The show is about warning signs of cancer in women. She has about a 5 second video explaining the symptoms she had regarding lung cancer. Maybe it will help someone to get early detection. Fred
  3. Fred

    7 years ago

    Seven years ago today Kasey was having her life saving operation at NIH. We give thanks every day for the doctor that gave her these years. I love you!
  4. Fred


    Congratulations to my wonderful wife. I love you.
  5. Fred

    Kasey's test results

    Kasey just had her yearly checkup at NIH. Results NED! 6 1/2 years of NED since diagnosis. However some "uptake" was found in her breasts. Her NIH doctor feels it is not malignancy. She is getting a mammogram on Tuesday as a precaution. Fred
  6. Mike, I feed the wild birds and the hawks are bad here as well. They are so bold they sit on top of the feeders waiting for the birds. I let Teddy out, our big mutt of a dog, as he loves to chase them. When I had my racing loft, hawks were always a problem. They seemed to always get my best racers. I guess the fast pigeons were not the smartest . Hi Judy, We are both doing well. Thanks for asking. Had a great Christmas with our kids and grandkids. I always check the site so I'm keeping up to date with all of you. You and all that fight this disease are always in our thoughts and prayers. Fred
  7. Great job Mike. She turned out to be a beautiful bird. When hand feeding her what did you use for pigeon milk? I had feeder pairs that I would put babies under if the babies were about the same age. I used the feeder pairs to feed babies from some of my best breeders (those that raised really fast birds) which forced the good pairs to lay again when I took their eggs or babies for the feeders to raise. But I had about 20+ breeding pairs so had many options. Fred
  8. Good ones Ann. Thanks for the laughs.
  9. Ruby Arthur....hmmmm! Doesn't ring any bells. When visiting Dunoon I stayed with a young Scottish couple. They took me on vacation with them one summer. We traveled by car through England, France, Italy and Switzerland. What a great trip! I didn't keep in touch with them when I returned to the states which I have always regretted.
  10. Eric, I think I told you before I was in the Navy and my ship was stationed at the Holy Loch. We were the first to enter the Lock as a sub tender for nuclear submarines. I think the year was 1960. I was there for 1 1/2 years. Dunoon was our liberty town so visited there many times. I might have been the sailor that gave you my hat . Fred
  11. Fred

    Mikes Pics

    Had to copy and paste the url in my browser to see the pictures.
  12. Fred

    Mikes Pics

    Good looking homers Mike. Thanks for sharing. Brings back many memories. Fred
  13. I am so very sorry, Michelle. Fred
  14. Fred

    Four and one-half years

    I forgot to mention that this is Kasey's results. I'm Kasey's husband.
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