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  1. Thank you all! I hope Dad’s oncologist is right and Dad have at least a good year. He is still enjoying his days and bossing me around if I didn’t cook something for him the way he likes it, which makes me smile, when before I would get annoyed. I was under the impression once Dad starts Tagrisso, he will be improving day-by-day, so I see now, I need to be more patient and not freak out. The amount of metastasis is crazy and hard to believe he will be ok for a year. My mom had metastasis only to her stomach and passed away in 3 months from ovarian cancer at age 50. Dad’s cancer seems like everywhere, but I guess I should stop comparing…. I did increase his calories via nuts, cream cheese, potato etc. He does not want to have any meat or fish any more so it is a little adjustment as to what to feed him every day. I will post updates time-to-time, you guys are such an inspiration and provide so much comfort.
  2. ~ Update ~ My dad tested positive for CK7, TTF-1 and negative for SOX10, CK20, PSA, ALK. PD-L1 score less than 1%. EGFR positive with Exon 19 deletion mutation. Had 20GY radiation to his brain, spine, rids and hip. Developed mets on liver, in all spine, in the knee and in spinal fluid. Started Tagrisso on April 15th. Dad moved in with me full time so I am primary caregiver. We are working with palliative care team and for now he is ok. Very weak, sleeps a lot but still have appetite, just eats much less. Fluid in his lungs increased again so he will probably will need to drain it again. Last time 500 ml was drained from his lungs. He lost 4 lb last week, which is too much and I am worried that cancer taking over him. All his scans will be done again in July. What I do not understand is his oncologist said Dad can have 2-3 years to live if Tagrisso works. Palliative care Dr on another hand, sent Dad's file to hospice already. I am so very confused and don't understand how oncologist is so optimistic. Is it really possible Dad can be around for years with cancer all over his body???????
  3. The other super upsetting point….it has been 1.5 month since his initial diagnosis and the only treatment he had is 5 radiations to spine and brain…..why is it not a urgent matter? Or does that mean Dr already know nothing will work? Is it really too late for my dad?
  4. Hi Tom – can you please help me understand the situation with steroids? Dr said that once Dad stops steroids, cancer will be affecting him way more. Why not keep him on steroids than? You mentioned it is concerning that he feels so much worse without steroids, but is it because cancer is everywhere and if patient do not have lots of mets, coming off steroids will not be as awful? I also think at this point chemo might not do much but make him more weak and sick, but he thinks chemo can extend his life for years (which breaks my heart because I don’t think it is the case)…..
  5. Hi Lexie - my Dad refuse to meet palliative care, I think he is sacred that will mean the end. He is very optimistic, and I am grateful for that, but at the times he is almost in denial how serious his situation is. I also do not understand why he had so little radiation. Only 5 rounds.
  6. Hi everyone - so my dad diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLL. Positive - CK7 and TT7. Negative - SOX10, CK20 and ALK. Pending- EGFR, PD-L1. He had 5 radiations and we are waiting to see Dr and hopefully to start chemo. He has metastasis to brain and lymph node. His rib has broken and his spine bone T12 is basically almost gone, which is huge concern for spinal collapse and Dr said there is nothing they can do for his spine. He also has tumor on his hip and leg bone. When he was on strong steroids, he felt good. His pain is under control with 6 mg hydromorphone morning and evening. Now that he is getting off steroids, he is very weak, coughing again and short of breath. Dr will not give us any prognosis, which is frustrating not to know if he will be here for few months or few weeks. I understand that EGFR positive will be the good news, correct? Any comments about his diagnosis are welcome. The amount of metastasis is very concerning for me......
  7. Thank you Steff and I am sorry to hear about your mom....
  8. Thank you, all wonderful survivors! Next week we have a lot of test: biopsy, brain scan, bone scan. I will update you when its all completed. I hope he has many months to live as he is already talking about medically assisted death and its breaks my heart and scares me to the core.
  9. Hi - my Dad (70 year old) was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He was well and healthy on Thanksgiving, few weeks ago started to have pain in chest and caugh. Went to Dr and his left lung fully coverred in cancer with 1/3 water in the lung, small tumor on right lung, lymp nodes have cancer, rib broke from cancer. Absolute shoke. He is feeling ok at the moment, just cought and minor pain. More test are scheduled for next week (brain scan, bone scan, lung biopsy). Dr said no surgery, maybe very strong chemo. If my Dad have few month left, does it worth for him to suffer horrible chemo? I need the truth. I need to know what is comming his way, because if I will not be preparred, I will not be able to be strong for him. Please tell me what is comming?
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