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  1. Seems that my ticket to targeted therapy may help me in the long run. It was a good read thank you!
  2. Hello, I’m pretty late I see but I figured I’d chime in as well and say welcome. I’m 22 years old and I was diagnosed about 2 months ago with similar situation to yours except mine gave me issues with my back and neck. I have a mutation called Her-2 which is a rare mutation found in Lung cancer but common in breast. There’s no known trials for it as of right now unfortunately. As someone as young as I am I just thought it was me pulling a muscle or straining something, but unfortunately that’s wasn’t the case. I did 10 days of radiation and now I just started my first infusion of chemo last Friday. It sucks but these folks on the forums have gotten me through a lot and have informed me with so much information it’s crazy. Stay through the fight and you’ll get through this hurdle.
  3. @TJMSince then mine has completely gone away. I have a slight scratchy feeling but that’s it, I’m able to eat mostly anything and drink as well. It did get to a high point where it was really bad and that’s when I called my nurse and got a medicine called Carafate. After that it started healing fast. It was an awful thing to go through but I endured it.
  4. I just caught on to this thread. This seems to be very promising and hopefully pulls through. It would be great to have other options in the future!
  5. I’ll begin posting updates in the member form from now on. I wasn’t super aware that I could post in the others. Sorry about that.
  6. I’m sorry about my misunderstanding @LexieCat. I peaked at your post, I’m keeping you in my prayers 🙏🏼
  7. I’m hoping that it is good progress towards your cancer so it’s one step closer to being taken out @LexieCat. I’ll be looking into SSI very shortly, I just hope that it gets approved pretty fast. I spoke to my boss earlier today and the good thing is I work for a small business so he is very understanding and is willing to work with my through everything I’m going through. We will see how the chemo effects my being and functions to see if I can continue working.
  8. I do have a question. How long did it take anyone to go back to work or did you go back to work? I work at a car audio store so I don’t do a lot of labor intensive work, I want to work through everything so I can do the things I like. I know once my neck is better and my throat is normal I can work but it depends on the chemo.
  9. The pain has subsided substantially thankfully. The medicine seems to be doing it’s job very well. It does seem that everything is hitting me all at once and it really does suck. I’m hopeful that I will be okay soon, just the hurdles that life throws at us.
  10. They gave me some medicine called Carafate. I’m supposed to take it with water dissolved, I’m not sure what it does exactly. But I have been able to hydrate myself, it burns but I can do it. I just hope this is the peak of it, I’m so over not being able to eat things and drink. By far the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in my life.
  11. I notified them and they prescribed me some meds to take before I eat and before bed.
  12. My esophagus has gotten REALLY bad in the last day. Easily the worst it’s ever been and idk why. My throat feels like it’s ok constant fire and I can’t eat or drink anything. Idk what to do it’s so painful, it was fine a day ago and boom I can barely function. I’m so over it.
  13. We’re all clear and I’m being discharged! The ct scan cleared up their concerns of my C3 being imbalanced but it seems to be all normal. Nothing yet to see if it’s been officially healing but I’ll find out eventually. Things do seem to be going somewhat in my favor I guess.
  14. I have bad news. I got my updated scans done for my neck and it’s not gotten better. Doctor was calling me to go back up to the ER and get an emergency CT scan done. I can’t catch a break! Life has been so cruel to me and I don’t understand why.. It feels like I’ve been healing and it hasn’t and I don’t understand why. So now I don’t know what’s gonna happen, I just hope I don’t need surgery. Wish me luck, I really need it.
  15. So it was postponed because of my labs. My platelet count was too low for me to start today because of the radiation. So I wait another week. A lil relieving but still was kinda good for me to start now. I have the full scoop of what I’m getting. Keytruda, carboplatin, neulasta, pemerotrixin (I think that’s how it’s spelt). Also it sucks how you can’t be sedated during the infusion. That’s would’ve been nice. I also I have to scheduled for the port which wasn’t for today, so it may have worked out for the better.
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