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  1. @Tom Galli and @Jesse L. Thanks for both of your replies. After researching and a dr appt., he said the allergic reaction to Carbo is ‘uncommon’. About 30% of people may react after 6-8 treatments. I was on my 6th treatment. He also said he could switch to Cisplatin, but it wouldn’t be as effective as the Carboplatin, in my case. So we’re going with desensitization. I’ll get my first 2 drugs at the cancer clinic, transport to the hospital where I’ll be in a private room with my own nurse. Over a 6-hr period, and 12 steps, they’ll introduce the Carboplatin thru IV in gradu
  2. Has anyone gone through Carboplatin desensitization? Can you explain your experience? I had a severe allergic reaction and this is what my oncologist is suggesting. It doesn’t seem too common, which worries me. Thanks so much, A~
  3. This is interesting. I was just searching forums to see if anyone had any info on the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine if given 4 days before first chemo (triplet) was started. I’ve searched a bit online without any luck. Sadly, I would think chemo reduces its’ effectiveness. Thanks for posting, Tom. A~
  4. Thank you! This is awesome! I appreciate you sending the link. Going to check it out now. ❤️❤️
  5. Thank you, Lou. Waiting to go in now for first treatment. Bundle of nerves. Praying the Lidocaine worked! 😳
  6. LexieCat, I somehow missed your post. Sorry. I had a needle biopsy done in January of this year. Then dr sent some of that tissue to another lab for a different test and a third test using blood. He checked for PDL1 and targetable mutations. This all took over 2 months! I’m fortunate my cancer is not aggressive. None of the tests came back in my favor for just immunotherapy/targeted therapy. So...I have the triplet. He was originally going to put me on Taxotere instead of Alimta. That scared the heck out of me. Changed his mind saying he really thought the triplet would put me in rem
  7. Thank you, JudyM2 and BridgetO! I’m loving all the responses and advice. I wish I had joined months ago! I went to a Chemo Class in 2018. My oncologist said I didn’t need another one because I’m getting the same meds. BUT, he added Keytruda so I wish I had asked for another class. I’ll bring my meds, etc. in a plastic bag rather than a list then. The nurse can look at the ingredients if she suspects something may be a problem. Thank you again...so much! I really appreciate all of you! Happy Easter!! A~
  8. Thank you LexieCat and Jesse L. I will bring a list of meds/supplements/vitamins to chemo with me Monday. My oncologist is aware of my list and hasn’t said to stop anything. I will double check, tho. ❤️❤️
  9. Good day! First, I’m not a doctor nor do I claim to know the following to be true. I just want to ask a question and see if anyone has any clear answers. ❤️ I’ve read, while on chemo, one should not drink Green Tea or take Fish Oil; that it could interfere with chemo. Does anyone know if these are true facts? Also, does anyone know of a reliable site that lists medications/vitamins/supplements, etc. that shouldn’t be taken while on chemo? I do plan on asking my infusion doctor, but I wanted a head start. Thanks all!! A~
  10. Hello fellow members! I’m a 60 yr old female...This is my 2nd round of lung cancer, NSC, Stage 3 or 4...drs are debating. First round of lung cancer (2018) I had my upper left lobe removed with 4 rounds of chemo (Carbo+Alimta). 26 months later, they found it had returned. I start chemo (Carbo+Alimta) and Keytruda 4/5/21. I had a Power Port put in 5 days ago. Pretty nervous...again. Keeping you all in my prayers for healing, comfort and peace. A~
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