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  1. I managed to get rated fairly easily thanks to a very convincing letter from my pulmonologist at the VA. Unfortunately the care I received was sub-standard so I elected to get treated at Dana Farber since I also have Tricare as a retiree. Unless these bills help raise that standard of care, I'm afraid a lot of veterans will still suffer.
  2. Thanks Judy! I already found EGFR Resistors and connected with a support person. I also appreciate the warning as I'm finding out exactly what you mean.
  3. Thanks Tom and congrats on your "cure"! I registered in the Burn Pit Registry when it first came out. I also made sure that we documented exposure in all the service records of the members of my unit just to be safe. I was diagnosed at the VA but based on the inadequate treatment I received I'm petitioning to have them cover my care at a private facility. I'm fortunate to have private insurance as well but there are still some out of pocket costs. I also applied for additional service connected disability.
  4. That's exactly what I've been thinking! They continue to make a lot of progress on treatments so who knows what will be available in a few years? I'm on a similar cycle. Carbo + Alimta for four, three week cycles and then Alimta only from then on. I'm hoping that not only will the chemo delay resistance but also attack my cancer a second way.
  5. Hi Jesse, Thank you for your service! Glad that you're doing well with your treatment. I lived about 50 yeards from the burn pit in Taji. At night the wind would shift and our living area would be enveloped in a fog of what smelled like burning plastic. I had no complaints with my local VA until this diagnosis. It took them 7 weeks just to schedule a CT scan to find the nodule in my lung and the oncologist there did not follow all the necessary steps to confirm my stage diagnosis. I'm fortunate to have private insurance so I elected to get treated at Dana Farber while at the same time asking for the VA to cover my treatment there. There is a VA program called Community Care where they will do that but you need to make a case that the VA is unable to adequately care for you. If you have complaints and with your treatment at the VA you may want to consider that option.
  6. Hi Lexie, Glad that you're responding well to treatment! I'm on Tagrisso combined with carboplatin and permetrexed chemotherapies every three weeks as part of a clinical trial. The theory is that the chemo will delay resistance to Tagrisso. I just started treatment on Friday.I also tested 100% for PD-L1 so I've got options down the road. It's been a long road with all the delays at the VA for my diagnosis and testing for the trial but I'm relieved to finally get started. I'm fortunate to live near one of the top cancer centers in the country so I'm in good hands. Thanks for the info. I've been looking around at the different forums and it's great to see all the different topics and discussions.
  7. Hi all, I'm a 20 year Navy veteran who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer which I firmly believe is a result from my exposure to burn pits. If there's anyone that wants to connect, particularly in the New England area please let me know. I have a lot of connections to veterans support resources and am doing some research on resources for burn pit exposure. I will be happy to share anything that I find.
  8. Hi everyone, My name is Justin and I was recently diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC with EGFR mutation. I am a 20 year veteran and believe that my disease is a result of my service. I just started treatment last week and am participating in a clinical trial up in Boston. If there are any vets in the New England area on this forum that want to connect please let me know.
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