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  1. I was walking 3 miles a day with my dog until 2 weeks ago. I have been in the hospital for two weeks. They finally gave me LASIX last night. Today. The plan is to drain fluid from my left lung….
  2. I was on Tabrecta since January. I developed edema. I have been in the hospital since last Wednesday. Fluid had collected around my heart. The scan last Wednesday showed the tumor had shrunk 80%. I will be starting on Tepmetko when discharged. Anyone had experience with this medication?
  3. I have not smoked in 41 years. I am athletic and take good care of myself. Yet, here I was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma. I have the good bio marker PD-L1 postive. I have a drain for the fluid that results from my right lung. I am on Tabrecta. The only side effect is edema in my arms and legs which I am trying to manage with compression stockings. Hope this information helps your mom. Prayers and good luck.
  4. I am a new member too. Everyone is so responsive. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers for a total recovery this time.
  5. Yesterday, a lymphedema therapist visited me. She did no manipulation of the fluid. She did not suggest any techniques for my husband to help me. She asked if I wanted compression for my arms or for my legs. She cut pieces of compression like-material to be used around my thighs before I put on the compression stockings. If there are members out there who have had a different experience with a lymphedema therapist, I welcome the input. I will go back to my doctor with this information. Thank you!
  6. I am still waiting for a phone call from the lymphedema therapist. What does this therapist do to reduce the level of edema? Does this person massage the areas of involvement to release the fluid? Will this person be able to write an order for compression sleeves? My primary had to write a prescription for the compression stockings for my legs.
  7. I have been taking Lasix. A request was put in for me to be seen by a lymphedema therapist.
  8. Thank you for your responses. Doctor has suggested I be seen by a therapist who deals with edema. The home health care nurse has made a request for one. I wear compression stockings. I imagine the next step is to be measured for compression sleeves for my arms.... real attractive with summer coming.... I'll be wearing long sleeves.
  9. I have tried to read thru all the comments and responses to the edema and the reduction in dosage of Tabrecta. The current dosage is 150/2 in AM and 150/2 in PM. The edema is still present. I am taking (2) lasix. I walk 2 miles/day with dog. I wear the support stockings. Is anyone wearing compression support on their arms? The tumors are shrinking. Has any had to have their dosage reduced more? I keep my salt intake to a minimum.
  10. My name is Marcia. I have been taking Tabrecta since January. I experienced the adverse reaction which was cited as a side effect - edema. I went off the Tabrecta for a week. I just started back on Tabrecta at a reduced dosage and I experienced the edema again. I would like to hear how other people handled this situation.
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