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  1. Hi Tom, I live in Houston. For the 6 mm nodule, I have discussed with my pulmonologist, and he asked me to do CT scan in December, I met him in may. At the moment I am out of town, but has dropped an email to the pulmonologist. I have arranged for early CT scan too. Cheers, Bang
  2. Thanks Again. WIll do your suggestion.
  3. Thanks Tom, The it is refer to black mucus, is it always refer to lung cancer? As you have answered not always. Sorry for not making clear. I did not coughing though. It just I had to split it out. should the blood in mucus be expecting to happen more to be considered as a early symptom of lung cancer or sometime once is enough ? Cheers, Bang
  4. Hi, This morning I woke up and had black mucus. I am an ex-smoker who quite 6 years ago. I did not feel any fever, short breath or else. Should I be worry? I could not see any more blood in mucus during the day after that morning. On my previous post, a 6 mm nodule found in my Left Lungia. I met my doctor to follow up that but no CT Scan was scheduled. Is it always related to lung cancer? Thanks.
  5. Hi Lexie, Would you share if there any symptoms that you noticed when all of a sudden the stage changed to IV? Much appreciated.
  6. Hi @ChiMama, Thank you so much for the information. Based on the stool test results I got a bacterial infection. The diarrhea has never came back so far and could not see any blood with my naked eyes on my stool. However the colonoscopy will be done still in 12 days. I met a doctor for my prostate and got tested for a prostate cancer and it was negative. Now my focus is on the colonoscopy. I feel unconformable in my jaw/neck. Is it something to do with the lymph node? Just worried that this might be too late or I just feel worried unnecessary. I am worried that this can be a stage III or more (Is it possible even I feel not really sick?)
  7. Thanks LexieCat. Hope all is good. And the colonoscopy turn out good too. Worried that this could be the main problem which spreads to lung and bone. Is that not the case if it has been spreading out then it should be already really bad in the central of the problem?
  8. After reading number of posts I think I need to refine my introduction which was only focus on the 6mm lung nodule. I had diarrhea for 4 days and went to an ER. They did CT scan and found a 6 mm lung nodule, mild wall thickening colon, bone lytic on my right hip and enlarged prostate. Now I am worried the worst which all could be due to a metastatic cancer. Other than diarrhea, I was ok, no blood found in stool, but feel cannot completely empty my bowel. I met the Pulmonologist and he said will have another CT in 6 months, met orthopedic surgery that said looks it is a benign small tumor (5cm) and will see me again with another X-Ray in 3 months. Had my stool specimen being tested (no results released yet), and schedule for Colonoscopy in mid of June. Will see prostate doctor tomorrow. I was referred to specialist from the ER, but it seems like they just focus on their specialties without trying to put all in one if they are related. I am now worried that this is metastatic. Has anyone has similar situation like this? Please share with me. I feel ok now, not feel sick just feel cannot completely empty my bowel.
  9. Thanks Judy, Lexie and Tom for the response. Much appreciated. Did the CT scan by any chance only covered the lower of my chest? I am hoping that they covered it all. I was got CT scan because I had an issue in my stomach. I am worried that they did not cover it all and only scan lower part only.
  10. Hello Everyone, Two weeks ago I had incidental CT scan and a 6mm round solid nodule found in my Lingula. I met the Pulmonary doctor today and we will have a CT in 6 months (November). I used to be a smoker and quite about 5 years ago. The doc says it is a low chance for a cancer and cannot say much until we get the CT scan again. And I asked him if it grows, can it be removed?. He said yes by open the chest. I have some questions: 1. Is it not possible to do the VAT because the location is in Lingula? 2. Has anyone here has same experience? 3. Has anyone had similar situation and found out after few CTs that the nodule is not growing? 4. Any recommended lung cancer doctor in Houston Texas? Many thanks.
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