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  1. Thank you solo much! I don't even know what kind of cancer. Pulmonary Dr didn't say. I really only know came back cancer. Maybe I need new pulmonary Dr. I think that I need to do more research on Dr. We live in small town 60 miles from town of about100,000 people. They do have 2 cancer centers. Will check them out.
  2. I just found out Tuesday that I have lung cancer. I had a biopsy the week before. On June 1, I have pet scan, and see oncologist. They found the cancer because my primary care doctor wanted to check my lungs. Have a 2cm spot sent to Dr. and he gave me 3 options. 1) watch it see watch it, see what it does 2)pet scan 3 biopsy. I chose biopsy. He said I would need surgeon to. I don't know questions to ask. My life is kind of a mess right now. We adopted our granddaughter who is 11 and has to have surgery at shrines hospital may 25, appointment 26 the we go home 8 hour trip. Not enough the dog tore acl and has surgery June3. Thank for listening, it just helps to write this. CricketR
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