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  1. Snowflake; As one of those who helped me through this journey so far, I'm just tickled pink at the results. I'm praying that it continues and each scan is even better than the last. Rock On. Ralph
  2. Snowflake; You have been a beacon for me through alot of my treatments and stuff. Your the stuff hero's are made of. Congrats on the 5 years and here's to many 5's more. Ralph
  3. I was on Alimta for a sshort time. It was to hard on my body and put me in the hospital for a week. Don't let that worry you though my ONC says some people can't handle it. I had less trouble with the carboplatin/taxol cocktail for the first line of treatment and know a few people who couldn't handle that. I hope Alimta works for you. It's supposed to be a good drug. Ralph
  4. Without you and Rick there would be no place that holds hope out. I have found so many hero's here that have given me the will to go on when I was down. I thank you for all your work and help in the boards and the numerous positive comments and love you all pass on. Ralph
  5. Debi I know the feeling. Sometimes I forget that life is for the living and letting things like the c word get me down shouldn't worry me. Some sliding backward is usual. Just like when I quit smoking. Took a while and I still get the urge sometimes but I fight it and win. Ralph
  6. Thanks Rich I love it when the members here remind me to fight and look forward to the future. I don't ask how long I have because I don't care what the medical community thinks and you are a good example of that. Ralph
  7. Don't really think I made a dramatic change. I do know that I now look at life as a gift and the people in it as my angels. I eat what I want. I just don't don't overindulge anymore. Ralph
  8. Michele I was diagnosed with COPD with chronic bronchitis prior to my diagnosis of lung cancer. The one thing I do know is that the COPD in my case makes it a little harder to breath when I exert myself. Look at my profile at the end of the reply and you will see what I have gone through with this. I am now stage 4 because of brain mets and am off all medications as they don't think it will prolong my life any. The people here have lots of experience with the ins and outs so ask away and I will put your dad in my prayers. Ralph
  9. I was in extreme pain because of the same thing. They finally gave me some magic mouthwash which helped me get food down without alot of pain. Before that I lived on soups and milkshakes. I had to stay away from bread because it was to dry. Ralph
  10. rvillella

    2 Years

    Way to go Tom. Keep on fighting. Ralph
  11. While I was on Tarceva the only thing that worked for me was Hydrocortisone. The rash didn't go away until the Tarceva quit working. So the rash is a good sign. It does get better but the end result is tarceva working. Ralph
  12. Thank You Katie. I always liked seeing family christmas cards. They just don't happen as much anymore. Ralph
  13. Hello all; I let it get by me this year. I've survived 2 years with this nasty thing in my body and plan to go many more. I am now on Tarceva and have the rash to prove it. I had a small stroke at the end of August hich messed up my balance and eyesight. It's hard to see the letters on the computer or on paper. I'm getting around it but it is stilll rough. I can't drive anymore so I'm stuck at home. The Onc called in hospice because they are afraid I'll fall or have another stroke and no one will be around for hours. Since my wife works I guess it's a good idea to have someone look in on me. I wish every one well. I'll try to post more often but it is difficult when you have a hard time seeing the letters on the screen. Ralph
  14. And the neweest one of all from the TV. Why are they called cookies. Why aren't they called Bakies instead of cookies? You don't cook them you bake them.
  15. Yeah I was going to put a word up there that might have gotten me a slap on the wrist but right now I just don't care that much. I took the first infusion in the third week of July and now it's time for the next one and I don't even feel ready for the thing. Called and left a message for the doc to call. I'm going to see if they won't put me in the hospital for this next go around. This stuff has really kicked me in the Any of you alimta users with some suggestions let me know before my wife goes through with the threat to shoot me soon, and put me out of her misery. Ralph
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