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  1. Thank you LexieCat! It certainly has been a roller coaster ride to the diagnosis---Lung Cancer, then Thymoma, and then Lymphoma but I am grateful I am on a path...tomorrow I meet with the Lymphoma specialist and hope to have a plan of action.
  2. I got my diagnosis. Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma, Non-Hodgkins. I see my lymphoma oncologist on Friday for more info. From my understanding I will get a bone marrow biopsy done too and will be treated with Chemo and radiation. I want to thank everyone for your support during this crazy month of getting diagnosed. I am not looking forward to the treatments but I am looking forward to my future! Much love, Gina
  3. I attached the PET scan results. As I am new and learning the lingo I am not sure of the answers. I should have biopsy results around Wednesday or Thursday PDF document.pdf
  4. Had a MRI with/without Contrast & a PET SCAN both confirmed the mass in the mediastinal area with lymph node involvement, all very suspicious of a malignancy. No pulmonary nodules. Went for my biopsy on Thursday so I should know next week. It looks like Thymic Cancer and will be treated with surgery, chemo, and radiation once they know the type and staging. I will probably lose a part of my right lung. Luckily it is abutting the heart and not attached to it. Not as many support groups for Thymic Cancer (1 in 500 people are diagnosed) but I found a Facebook group. Thank you for being here and being so supportive.
  5. UPDATE CT SCAN RESULTS BACK I have a mass between my lungs (mediastinal), pressing on my heart and esophagus with enlarged lymph nodes and an atelectasis where my pneumonia was. No pulmonary nodules. My appointment to Sloan was changed to next Friday, instead of yesterday because CT Scan report was not ready in time.
  6. Very true! The hurry and wait is the worst part. I made an appointment at Sloan Kettering for Friday, they will review my scan and x-rays and will do whatever is needed from there. I know something isn't right, cancer or not, so I wanted to be proactive and just go to one of the best in my area. Will keep everyone posted. Gina
  7. Thank you Lou! I am a big supporter of support groups and will be keeping in touch.
  8. Thank you both for the information and support. I think the hardest part is the waiting for a diagnosis—whatever it is. 🙏🏻
  9. Hi Everyone, I haven't been officially diagnosed yet, going for a CAT Scan on Wednesday for what is suspected to be lung cancer. I have been having shortness of breath for a few months but didn't think much of it until I was diagnosed with pneumonia in mid-April. Was put on 2 antibiotics and after 2 weeks of not getting better, the doctor put me on a medrol pack and an inhaler, really didn't feel much better after that too. A 2nd xray in mid May showed I still had an infiltrate and was told to wait 4 weeks and go for another xray. 3 hours after that xray, my doctor called me with the news. The mass got larger (now a mass not an infiltrate) and I have to go for a CAT Scan. I asked her what was the possible diagnosis, she said it looks like you have lung cancer. Shock. But I knew something wasn't right, the shortness of breath is worse, the exhaustion is crazy, and the pain in the back of my ribs can be excruciating at times. I was a smoker on/off for 20 years and quit 10 years ago. Neve had a lung issue in my life. Anyway, I am preparing myself and researched where I will go for treatment. And trying to stay calm and hopeful. Hugs, Gina
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