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  1. thank you, guys. it is thoracic region. almost didn't make it after lung resection. was transferred in emergency to nearby hospital cardiac dept with significant cardiac complications , this is why hesitant now about another surgery. thanks a lot for your input
  2. Hi, guys, a wonderful group of nicest very supportive people, Just wanted to share. went to the surgeon today, 3 months after wedge resection due to a tennis ball size bulge in the area of the surgery. was told it is lung herniation between the ribs!!! says a rare complication of VATs. so upset. offered another surgery under general anesthesia. I decided to wait for now. Not sure what to do, does it get larger and worse, any risks of not doing surgery- don't know. Wonder if anyone heard of it. Wishing you all the very best, With love, hugs and warmest to all Alina
  3. Lou, thanks a lot for your reply. the doctor mentioned the stitch but said it will increase the risk of infection. But it is an option. is it painful to have the stitch put in? may be it makes more sense then constant bleeding 3 times a day all lines down to mattress soaking in blood. I have to decide by tomorrow
  4. Hi, group, Mom's surgical recovery is going well except for lots of bleeding from the tube incision (the tube was removed 3 days ago) . Doctors not recommending stitches. They prefer to leave the wound and let it leak (need change of linens 3 times per day). She is still in the hospital due to cardiac complications: AF with 5-7 sec pauses of heart. cardiac service is concerned and is watching it. Everyone on the floor loves mommy, she is just such a wonderful sweet person. has anyone had any experience with similar issues? I would appreciate it if you could share with me.
  5. Thanks a gain for all your responses. The surgeon feels surgery is better option than SBRT. RO and oncologist said both options are similar but surgery is better in terms of follow up afterwards. All three MD's said that VATS is an easy surgery to tolerate. If pass presurgical testing, going ahead with surgery, scheduled for 7/20. We are very nervous how mommy will tolerate it. Oncologist gave good advice to make sure molecular testing is done on pathology in case further treatment is necessary ever. Not sure if this is routine but thought to share with everyone. Stay strong.
  6. Curt and Kristin, thanks a lot for your input. I did tons of reading of research and all points to SBRT over wedge resection (which will be offered most likely). mom did have biopsy 2 weeks ago , she recovered well although first 30 min after the procedure were rough then had AF once. You think recovery from wedge (3 cuts) is comparable to recovery from biopsy (1 tiny hole) ? I wish, not sure. mom will do what doctors say and so far she was seen by a thoracic surgeon so he will be making that decision . I feel so unsure if I can and should talk mom out of surgery and into SBTR against surgeon's offer of wedge resection. we are going tomorrow morning, major cancer center. you are here very wonderful people, I am lucky I found this site.
  7. thank you very much for your input. I really appreciate it, Tom and Bridget
  8. Thank you very much for your responses, Tom and Bridget, you are awesome. I appreciate your time and sharing thoughts. Surgeon is advising to go for VATs (probably segmentectomy or wedge) and RO is advocating SBRT based on studies that point to its benefits in survival and cancer free time compare to surgery. Lobectomy is gold standard but mommy is in late eighties and smaller recession (which is less effective ) will be offered. Which doctor makes this type of decision as to which path to take. We saw a surgeon and a Radiation Oncologist and each advocates for their discipline. We dont have an oncologist-we just found out about cancer and dont know yet who to see. Is it oncologist who makes a decision on these types of dilemmas. Mommy doesn't know what to do.I read every research on SBRT and it points out benefits in survival and cancer free survival over surgery but by some reason ppll prefer going to surgery (may be because they are younger or may be because they dont know about SBRT being more effective or may be I am missing something). She did thansthorasic lung biopsy with no complications and was miserable till the morning, I dont know how VATs recovery might be compare to biopsy recovery. Thanks a lot for your input.
  9. Asking advice please. Need to make a decision what would make better sense for under 2 cm peripheral (easy to reach location) spot with adenocarcinoma (lymph nodes negative) for an old patient who is in good shape and is "operable" with curative intent. studies I read point to SBRT but surgery is still a treatment standard. You, guys, went through so much already and someone must have experience with dilemma like this, except mommy is older than any of you. Please, help with advice. Thank you
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