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  1. Hi Tom, thanks so much for your response! That is good news, and has put my mind at ease at least a little bit. I am so glad to hear the info you shared!
  2. Ramona

    I feel good

    Glad to hear this!! Rejoicing with you that you are feeling well! πŸ’™
  3. I had a CT guided biopsy on June 9th, and unfortunately due to location of the nodule, they were unable to get a tissue sample. I am now scheduled for a repeat biopsy on Aug 5th. I was curious as to whether a repeat biopsy is typically successful in retrieving the tissue sample the 2nd go around? And are there further complications with having the biopsies done fairly close together? I have had worsening shortness of breath and pain since my last biopsy, so am concerned that this time won't work either. Is there anything I can do to ensure a greater likelihood of it working this time? Any suggestions and thoughts are more than welcome! Thanks! πŸ’—
  4. Thanks Judy! That's super interesting about the liquid biopsy, I will ask my lung doc about that next time I speak with her. They have scheduled me for a repeat CT guided biopsy again Aug 5 now though, so hoping they get a tissue sample this time around. 🀞 How neat that eventually they'll be able to do these biopsies with other bodily fluids, so cool and amazing how medicine just continues to change and develop!
  5. Hi Tom, Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and insight, I appreciate it. I see so much difference when they are talking about SUV, that above 2 is concerning, above 2.5 and 3...so I don't know what to believe anymore, lol! What do you mean by proliferation of nodules? I found out this week that they will be attempting another CT guided biopsy again on Aug 5, so we'll see how that goes. 🀞
  6. Hi Tom, thanks so much for the welcome! πŸ’— From what I've heard once the number of nodules goes over 4 nodules, then the risk of cancer decreases again...I just don't know if that is completely accurate. The growth is what has me most concerned. Tom, I am so sorry that you ended up being diagnosed with Stage III. When were you diagnosed, and how are you feeling now? I hope you are recovering from the treatment you've had. I have been seeing my lung specialist/respirologist for the past 5+ years, is that very different from a pulmonologist? Getting a 2nd opinion is proving more difficult that I'd hoped. 😞 I did get scheduled for a repeat CT guided biopsy this past week though...it will be happening Aug 5, so if I don't get answers then I will continue to push for that 2nd opinion. Thank you for the encouragement!
  7. Hi Lou, Thank you for sharing with me about your experiences. How my nodules were found was similar as well. I had an ultrasound for ovarian cysts, which led to finding something on my liver, and when doing an MRI of the liver, they found the lung nodules, so have seen my lung doc since then. I am really sorry to hear your nodule ended up as NSCLC, but glad to hear that you are NED as of now. What a blessing that you had a team of docs that were working together so well as a team. πŸ’— You are right that my docs are not all on the same page...it's been really, really discouraging. And it was me that had to fill my primary care physician in on everything thats gone on with all my tests and procedures. 😞 My lung specialist referred me to the thoracic surgeon, thinking he would do as she had asked with the wedge resection, but that didn't go as planned. Unfortunately they are from 2 different hospitals here in the city. I am happy with my lung specialist, but not with the thoracic surgeon...but the thoracic surgeons that work in my city all work within the same office at the one hospital, so getting a 2nd opinion is proving to be somewhat difficult. If they don't get a biopsy sample this time around, I will be pushing harder and harder for that 2nd opinion though, and finding a surgeon that can work cohesively with my lung specialist for my best interests. I really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on everything. I however don't feel like I am the one that's in control about my treatment. 😒 It works a bit different in Canada from my understanding, and I can request different things, and hope the docs will agree to them.
  8. Thank you so much for the welcome Bridget. πŸ’— I am sorry it took me a bit to respond, during the week after a days work, I just don't have extra energy to respond. I appreciate your thoughts and opinion on the "wait and see" approach. I am glad to hear I'm not being unreasonable with not wanting to wait. I am really sorry to hear about your experience as well, with the pulmonologist wanting to wait and see. But so happy to hear you are now NED though. I have not heard of tumour boards here, but it's possible they have them, I'll have to look into that. This past week I heard they will be trying to do the CT guided biopsy again, so I am hoping they may get a sample this time. 🀞 If not, at that point I will push my lung doc to send me to a different thoracic surgeon for a second opinion.
  9. Hi BrianK, how did your CT go this past Tuesday? I hope that it gave you some answers in regards to your nodules, especially the larger one that was seen on the X-ray. You are right, the waiting is for sure tough...anxiety gets ahold and it’s hard to keep it in check and not assume the worst. Hope you are hanging in there. The symptoms I’ve been experiencing are shortness of breath (increased especially after my last CT guided biopsy), heaviness pressure/pain in the chest, recurrent chest infections and extreme fatigue. I also have fibromyalgia and endometriosis, along with a few other medical issues...so have some additional symptoms, but it’s so hard to tell the cause of them between everything. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I also experience chronic body pain, aches and weakness, nausea, migraines and numbness in my fingers/hands/arms.
  10. Hi everyone, I am very thankful to have found this forum. I have taken the time to look through some of the threads already, and appreciate the shared knowledge here so much. A little about me, I'm 42 and have never smoked a day in my life. However, when doing tests for other medical issues they found some lung nodules in both of my lungs. I've been seeing a lung specialist for the past 6 years, and she followed the incidentally found nodules with CT yearly initially, and the past few years has kept an eye on them with only xray. The largest started at 7mm, and for a few years there was little to no growth, but this year after ending up in urgent care for something unrelated the CT is showing the nodule as 16mm, which is a doubling in size since my last CT a couple years back. Ive now got 9 nodules in total, in each of the lobes I have at least 1, but with only 2 being a substantial size, and they are showing ground glass opacity. I have been experiencing symptoms increasingly more this past year and a half. My dr sent me for a FNA CT guided biopsy in June, however due to location they had trouble getting a biopsy sample, so I came away from that procedure with no answers. My lung specialist then decided upon a wedge resection to get the biopsy to have some answers in hand, however the thoracic surgeon I met with is refusing to do it at this point and rather wants to continue on the wait and see approach...which I'm not too keen on, considering my lung specialist thought the resection was an important step. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I also had a PET-CT scan at the end of June, there was SUV of 2.3 on the largest nodule so not high...but still not zero uptake. I go for PFT this coming Thursday, so I'm hoping that might give some answers or indication too on what's going on. The thoracic surgeon agreed to at least doing another attempt at the needle biopsy again sometime in the fall, so I guess I just hope and pray for some answers at that point. Is it likely to get a biopsy on the second attempt, when they didn't succeed the first time? Another little extra "fun", while doing the CT guided biopsy and the PET-CT, they found a cystic lesion in the anterior mediastinum, which I'm still waiting on further diagnostic testing for that now...unsure if it could be related to what is going on in the lungs. So with that all being said, if you've gotten this far in my long ramblings...sorry for going on and on! I don't have a diagnosis of LC at this point yet, but I hope it is ok I still participate in the forum while I am in the waiting for the diagnosis of what is going on. If not, please let me know. πŸ’—
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