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  1. Thanks Lou! I guess I’m a natural worrier because I started googling trying to figure out why i have atelectasis and it keeps talking about tumors or surgery as the principal causes. I didn’t have any surgery so now I’m worried that maybe the CT missed something. I have had pain coming from that area despite taking antibiotics and my sister (who is a nurse) keeps saying that’s normal for pneumonia. But everything i read suggests that atelectasis causes pneumonia not the other way around. I do as noted before have sleep apnea, gerd and history of asthma. I guess if i don’t get better i might ask for a bronchoscopy. Did any of you have intermittent sharp back pain at all? Also, did any of you have atelectasis?
  2. So update: CT scan done and fortunately my brother in laws brother who works at Kaiser (radiation oncologist) had immediate access to my CT scan. He noticed the same nodule that was spotted in 2014 and commented that it looks nearly identical. My brother in law is a general surgeon and he seemed to think the nodule is probably old scarring. No lymphadenopathy anywhere or any other pathology according to them so they think i likely won’t need a follow up CT. Also have a family friend who is a pulmonologist that will be going over both CT scans in depth but for now i sent him both CT images of the nodules and he seemed to think they were nearly identical as well. So thank god it seems like good news and although I still feel a bit paranoid as this whole ordeal felt like my world was ending and I still don't have the official report from Kaiser yet. I wish you all the very best, you’re good people and i hope you all emerge NED. EDIT: Kaiser just sent in their evaluation and now I can FINALLY relax and breath a sigh of relief although I still have that granuloma and atelectasis to worry about (pneumonia is still lingering).
  3. Is it normal for the pulmonary nodule to be evaluated via CT WITHOUT contrast? I have a family friend who is a pulmonologist saying that CT w/contrast WITHOUT PE protocol is better but my provider (Kaiser) is insisting they will do a CT without to prevent complications from the dye.
  4. BrianK


    Very happy for you! How are things now?
  5. Wow your story sounds similar to mine—44 yr old no hx of smoking. I have a CT on Tues but the last CT i did in 2014 had two nodules in my RLL, 2mm and 6 mm (indefinite margins). I got pneumonia recently and got an xray which showed a 1.8cm nodule in the RLL so they immediately ordered a CT scan. I think the waiting and what if anxiety has been driving me and my family (parents + sister) nuts. I hope in both our cases it’s not cancer but if it is, I’m glad this resource is here. Btw what symptoms have you been having?
  6. Hi Dona, welcome to the forums! I’m new here too and have a CT on Tues for a 1.8 cm nodule they found in my RLL so i know exactly how you feel with the massive anxiety and feeling of “what the hell is going on and what will happen”. I couldn’t stop reading literature on nodules and lung cancer these past few days and even consulted family (bro in law is a surgeon and his brother a radiology oncologist) and they all told me to stay away from it all and just wait out the results—easier said than done! Do you have any history of smoking or been around it? I never smoked or have been around it and I’m 44 so just surprised and shocked they saw such a large nodule on xray (same side i have pneumonia). Hoping for the best for both of us. I’m in N Cal as well btw.
  7. Hi Judy, Sorry i didn’t mean to imply that cancer would fade away from a high protein diet but rather it could potentially slow it down since these rapidly dividing cells mainly depend on atp derived from glucose.
  8. Hi Tom, Wow 14 years for it to grow is definitely an odd one. What stage were you at and how are you doing now? I’m mainly afraid of losing the ability to take care of myself as I’m alone and slowly declining would be hard to do.
  9. Hey Paul, Glad to see you’re holding on and you can “starve” cancer with a high protein and low carb/sugar diet. Stay strong and hope all the best for you. edit: to clarify by starve i just mean to provide less fuel available to cancer cells, not that it’s in any way a cure.
  10. Hi Tom, Thanks for the kind remarks. I'm hoping that's not the case either but I'm very worried regardless. I just got a hold of my old CT report from 2014 (turns out it was 7 years ago) and there were 2 small nodules in the same area (RLL) measuring 6 mm (ill defined margins) and 2 mm. My recent x-ray shows RLL nodule of 1.8 cm so that's extremely worrying to me. Hopefully not the same one but I guess I'll find out more when I have this new CT done on the 20th. My brother in law is a surgeon and I talked to him about it and his reasoning was that if it was the same nodule, it would have been much bigger than 1.8 cm by now and metastasized so it's likely not the prior two they found but a new one or not one at all. This waiting is definitely nerve racking.
  11. Hi, 44 yo M here from the Central Valley in California. I’ve had asthma all my life, especially as a child so lung ailments aren’t anything new to me. About 3 weeks ago i woke up in the middle of the night feeling like i was choking and it was relieved by sitting up. At the time i figured it was my sleep apnea and maybe gerd so I dismissed it. However over the next few weeks it worsened with increasing chest tightness and shortness of breath. That finally got me to get a blood test done which was normal including the cbc (most likely because i took prednisone i had sitting around). I figured I probably had covid and was slowly improving and didn’t need further work up but i did ask my doctor to put in an order for a chest xray in case i didn’t get better. Fast forward 3-4 days later and I still haven’t gotten over it so i went in today for the xray and they called me back literally 10 minutes after i left the hospital saying i have right lower lobe pneumonia and a 1.8 cm nodule on the same side viewed via lateral xray. Most people would freak out but then i remembered i had a ct scan done 5 years ago of my chest to rule out a PE and they had found a nodule then. Unfortunately i don’t know if it’s the same one since i never followed up and it was a different out of state hospital. Anyhow, i have a ct scan scheduled on the 20th and I’m hoping this nodule isn’t malignant though there is a 40% chance it could be, especially given the size. The one thing i have going in my favor is I’ve never smoked nor had an occupation which was near cancer causing chemicals. Hoping for the best and glad i found this community! It’s difficult to get support from even friends because they don’t quite understand how it feels to go through this and how isolating it feels.
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