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  1. Thanks everyone. My appt with my pcp is on 8/3. If he doesn't budge, I will definitely self pay for radiology. It's just so frustrating that I can get easily get a colonoscopy or a mammogram with no family history but shortness of breath with a family history of lung cancer won't even raise an eyebrow. I feel like I know the symptoms better than my doc. I can only hope that one day if we can't find a cure for cancer that they'll at least be better access to screening or even better, a simple test like the PSA to nip it in the bud before it becomes deadly.
  2. Thank you both. I honestly had no idea ct scans were so affordable. When I've googled in the past I saw prices in the $700 - $1250 range. I have a follow up with my pcp next week and if he doen't budge I'll make my own appt somewhere. West Orange is less than 30 minutes from me so I could absolutely go there if I don't find anything closer.
  3. Before I start, I will say that I am not a hypochondriac but I am cautious and I know this disease well enough to know that early detection is the key. My paternal grandmother died of lung cancer at 41 yrs old - don't know what kind and I don't know if she smoked at all. I watched my dad die of non small cell lung cancer and never smoked a day in his life. Diagnosed in March and dead by Sept.. His only symptom for about a yr was weight loss. No cough, no pain, nothing. I'm 45 and I've been feeling lousy lately. Weak, tired, loss of appetite, hoarseness, and needles and pain in my back. Had blood work done and it shows mild anemia. In my mind a ct scan just in case would be beneficial but nope. Drs. insist that I don't have a cough and lung cancer isn't hereditary and I'm too young for lung cancer, etc.. so no ct scan for me. I'm at the point that I'm willing to pay out of pocket for one but before I do, is there anyway I can talk a dr into giving me an rx? I never went to med school but I kinda feel like their text book criteria is part of the reason for so many diagnoses that come too late.
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