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  1. Thanks all for your kind words. Met my oncologist and his assistant Doctor yesterday, the latter doing the majority of the work, he was fantastic, the most compassionate Doctor I have ever met. Was aware of the stress i was under and offered me something to calm me down (presumably Valium which he later gave me a script for) which I declined as he was doing a great job calming me down. He then went through a thorough history of family cancer experiences, previous hospitalisation, condition and medications as if to find some obvious starting point of the cancer found in my skin. He then did a thorough physical examination for any lumps and bumps, checking all my lymph nodes. At the end he was quite surprised that he couldn’t find any signs of what might be cancer, stating he is very good at finding cancers. At that point he went out of the room I assume to discuss with his senior what he had surmised. When they both came back in they admitted they were perplexed with my case where the primary incidence of the cancer is found in a localised area of the skin. Given they are not sure where it was coming from I proceeded to get a very comprehensive blood test and I am booked in next week to get comprehensive scanning - PET and CTS? Then will see them again after that. At this stage I’m thankful they didn’t find huge lumps in my lymph nodes or other obvious body parts. It was a huge relief talking to both of them. Fingers crossed for next week. Thanks again for your kind support.
  2. Thank you Kristin for your considerate reply. Good news is I’m meeting with the oncologist today. Hopefully he can provide me with some informed opinion and a plan on going forward.
  3. Apologies if this is an inappropriate thread but I’m terrified and desperate for some understanding of my situation. My Dermatologist has just rang to tell me that the skin nodule he cut out last week which he expected to be a basal cell (skin cancer) carcinoma is actually an Adenocarcinoma. He said the biopsy showed the margins were clear but that he is concerned it might be symptomatic of some other internal cancer. He gave me the number of an Oncologist to ring but it looks like I won’t get to see him for 8 days. Given the skin was cut out of my upper chest would I be right to assume the Adenocarcinoma could be from Lung cancer ? I’m not a smoker and don’t have any cough? Or would it be right to assume it could have come from any area.Thank you for any opinions or suggestions on where I might further read up on my situation. Apologies again given that I have not been diagnosed with Lung cancer.
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