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  1. I belong to Colontown which is a colon cancer support group. They have a place for lung mets on their site. I asked about appearance of lungs mets, specifically if they were spiculated, but I didn't get much feedback. My last chest CT scan showed no enlarged lymph nodes or bone lesions, so I am taking that is good news if this is lung cancer?
  2. Thanks. I will update for sure.
  3. I am going for a needle biopsy September 13. Just trying to wrap my thoughts around the possibility of having a new primary cancer or now stage 4 colon
  4. Hi, I live in Ontario, Canada. I was diagnosed with low risk colon cancer in February 2019. I have been having regular scans since. In January 2021 I had a CT scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis and everything normal. I had a MRI on my abdomen in July 2021 and they noted a nodule in my left lung, the superior lingula. They went back and checked on my scan of January 2021 and in hindsight they saw it as being 8mm in January. I just had a chest CT scan 2 weeks ago and the lesion is noted as being spiculated and 17mm x 22mm. I will be having a PET scan, blood work and pulmonary function test next week and a needle biopsy the following week. My doctor following me for colon cancer doesn't know if it is a colon met or primary lung cancer. He said mets are usually multiple in number and mine is solitary. Nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary on my MRI and last CT scan. Can mets show up as spiculated? Thanks.
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