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  1. Thanks for that explanation. That helps me a lot in deciphering the medical jargon. I know that no matter what the diagnosis is I am going to be okay. I gotta stick around to help my wife through her cancer journey.
  2. They have the bronchoscopy scheduled and plan to biopsy something during that time. It is funny because sometimes I feel like it is nothing, but then other times I feel like I know it is something. I had just got my wife home from a surgery related to thyroid cancer (cancerous lymph node that was missed in a prior surgery) and that were the results I received.
  3. I got the results in from my PET scan that I had done week before last. I had a follow up shortly after with my Primary Care. He didn't really have any info for me though. What he gave was a sheet with this info on it: : The posterior basal right lower lobe lesion of interest on axial image 154 measures 1.2 x 1.6 cm with SUV of 2.2. There are emphysematous changes in bilateral lungs, worse in the right upper apex. In the mediastinum there are multiple right pretracheal FDG avid lymph nodes, representative of which is a 1.6 x 0.8 cm node on axial image 112 with SUV of 6.1. There is a 1.3 x 0.7 cm subcarinal node with SUV of 4.5 on axial image 127. Physiologic activity is noted in the myocardium. There is bilateral axillary lymphadenopathy with minimal FDG uptake, with maximum SUV of 1.4, likely reactive. I assume all of this is nothing of a major concern. I am no doctor so most of this is gibberish to me other than the measurements and that's about all I can decipher. On my previous CT the lymph nodes were not noted on that report. I'm not too worried by this but any insight is welcomed. Edit: I have a bronchoscopy scheduled for Friday morning.
  4. I had a really mild case of covid. It was a whole lot better than my last battle with the flu. Problem is that I am one of those long haulers. The residual effects have been worse for me. I have no stamina anymore and since then my doctors have been treating me as if I had COPD or Emphysema. Some of the symptoms have gone away but there are still things hanging around.
  5. Looking back I am so glad we did it. Neither one of us show any kinds of symptoms that would make someone think cancer. Had I not had covid I probably wouldn't have had the CT done in the first place. The clinic where we had it done called me to discuss the results and recommend I get a follow up scan with contrast to further determine what it was that was seen. They didn't call my wife at all and just mailed a copy of the report to her. She followed up with her doctor since her side of the family has a history of thyroid problems, but no cancer. She got the call that told her it was cancer 2 hours into our vacation. Our local hospital offers free scans for high risk people. I couldn't get one done there because I didn't meet their age threshold (55, I'm 49)but it is free. The place that did mine was a place called Advanced Body Scan in Oklahoma City.
  6. I did not know that. Thanks. I guess you really do learn something new everyday. knowing that does help ease my anxiety a little.
  7. Unfortunately I did not retire. I separated after 8 years so I wasn't eligible for Tricare. I have the insurance through my wife's job and having a service connected disability most of my costs are covered by the VA. They always bill my other insurance first and then pick up the remainder. I figure I have a reasonable chance at Community Care due to the distance from the VA hospital. I have used it several times on the past for other issues. I have experience with the cancer center in my town due to my wife currently receiving treatment from them for thyroid cancer. I was wondering because the most serious care I have received from them was having a tonsillectomy. Thanks for the welcome. I am very happy that I found this resource.
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome. There will probably be a pulmonologist involved anyway. The day before I got a copy of the CT report I had a PFT done at the VA, so most likely he will already be in my records and will be able to see the results. The biggest concern I had about the nodules that appeared on this most recent scan was they were not there on the earlier scan this year. Somewhere I have a copy of that scan and report also. I will have to try to find it and compare the two.
  9. Like many Vets I use the VA healthcare system quite frequently. My question for everyone is what your experience with the VA has been like for cancer treatment. While I have yet to be diagnosed positively for cancer I am asking more out of curiosity than necessity. I do have private insurance as well. If I do get the diagnosis I am leaning toward Community Care route since the closest VA hospital to me is almost an hour and a half away. I am hoping and praying I don't need to find out, but I do like having contingencies in place ahead of time.
  10. Greetings everyone/ My name is Brent and recently came across this forum doing research on what my issue with my lungs is. Currently live in Oklahoma and working for the Army. I am a Navy vet, father, husband, and grandfather. My wife is currently undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer. As a short story I will tell you how this all started. Back at the beginning of the year my wife and I went to a home and garden show at the state fairgrounds. We came across a booth that was offering a couple's discount for a head and chest CT scan for $199. We decided to go ahead and do it since I had Covid back in November and was curious what the damage to my lungs was. After the scan we both received our results. That spur-of-the-moment decision is what led to us finding my wife's cancer and possibly saving her life(as it had metastasized and spread to a couple of lymph nodes). My scan showed a 1.5x1.1x1.4 cm irregular nodule in my right, lower lobe. They suggested I contact my primary care physician (VA) for follow up. After reviewing the report he said to wait 3 months and we would do a CT with contrast. I looked at the report yesterday and there were changes noted. The findings were as follows: Within the inferior medial aspect of the right lower lobe, the posterior basilar segment there is a pleural-based spiculated 1.5 x 1.2 cm lesion measured on series 6 image 69 coronal series which is concerning for malignancy. There is centrilobular and paraseptal emphysematous changes which are greatest in the upper lobes bilaterally. Along the right minor fissure there is a smoothly marginated noncalcified 4 mm nodule, likely an intrapulmonary lymph node. Second pleural-based 2 mm nodule along the minor fissure image 275. Within the right middle lobe 3 mm noncalcified nodule image 324. Some platelike atelectasis in the inferior lingula. 2 mm noncalcified nodule right upper lobe series 3 image 154. Obviously I am not a doctor and really have no idea what all that means, but I am curious to what it all means. Sadly, now I have to play the usual VA game of wait and see. Normally I have no problem with that but this time, however, I do have a problem with it. The biggest thing for me is that there is a family history of various cancers and I don't feel good about waiting around.
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