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  1. Hey Lou thanks for the positive words. I am feeling little better started chemo yesterday10/14/21. They holding off on Keytruda until marker test comes back for that one pill everyone talks about if not I start keytruda. I did read the 10 step by Tom Galli,I'll read it again.
  2. Hey Claudia after a PET scan they found mass on chest wall about the same size as the one on outside of right lung and couple limphnodes. Surgeon did some kind of robotic procedure for biopsy. The plan is 4 cycles of one chemo and continue with another chemo and Keytruda for immunotherapy. I've always thought I was a strong man but sometimes I get so emotional and can't hold the tears back. Praying to God I'll be ok.Trying to hide my feelings from my wife she just lost her mom and dad to covid
  3. @TJM Just found out I have appointment with surgeon tomorrow morning to discuss my case and PET scan in the afternoon . Guess the PET . Hope they don't find anything else.
  4. Started a new job with gov. Contractor. New hires get physical and part of that physical is chest ex-ray,spot showed up on lung. A couple weeks later had a ct scan and then biopsy. Have a 3cm non small cell growth on exterior of hilum on right lung. Very scared
  5. Just diagnosed lung cancer not sure of the stage yet .scary
  6. Just diagnosed lung cancer not sure of the stage yet .scary
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